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Healthy dog snacks and treats for dogs

Knabber Schmaus

It goes without saying that all dogs enjoy a treat between meals every so often. Whether it is a reward for good behavior, or a way to calm the dog in a stressful situation, snacks are just a part of a dog’s everyday life.

Unfortunately, however, many dog owners do not pay enough attention to the quality of dogs’ food between meals. Whereas a certain awareness of quality has taken hold in relation to normal feeding, this is often not the case for canine snacks.

In the following article, you will learn what to look out for when buying treats for your dog, and how you can recognize suitable snacks.

Many dogs snacks contain low-quality ingredients 

In the case of dog snacks, the issues are the same as with normal food.

As a dog owner, once you have taken a glance at the list of ingredients, it will immediately become clear that something is meant, as a treat has nothing in common with breed-appropriate feeding for your dog.

In most cases, cereals are the most prominent ingredient in the list of standard products from supermarkets or discounters. It is absolutely true that dogs can derive value from the ingredients that they contain, and their high carbohydrate content. If the proportion of these ingredients is too high, however, digestive problems such as diarrhea are the rule, rather than the exception!

In addition, wheat is a particularly frequent cause of food intolerances and allergies in dogs.

Moreover, cheap dog snacks generally contain no meat, just animal by-products. At first, that might sound fairly harmless.

When expressed more clearly, however, these are waste products from meat production, which are not fit for human consumption, and so they are undoubtedly far from appetising.

Be careful of toxic snacks

Quite apart from poor quality, many dog owners also make another mistake in relation to dog treats, feeding their furry friends with utterly unsuitable items, at least from a dog’s perspective.

That can have extremely serious consequences because, even though four-legged family members are very important, that does not mean that they can eat the same as the two-legged members of the family. In a worst-case scenario, the wrong snack can make dogs seriously ill or even threaten their lives.

Among others, you should avoid the following foods:

  • Raisins and grapes
  • Cocoa and chocolate
  • Garlic and onions

Raisins and grapes 

Although they are harmless to us humans, dogs are highly toxic for dogs. They can cause diarrhea, vomiting, and convulsions, and even threaten the animal’s life. The same applies to raisins, which contain the substances that are toxic to dogs in even higher concentrations.

Cocoa and chocolate

Dogs lack an enzyme to break down the theobromine that is contained in cocoa and chocolate. Ingesting these can cause diarrhoea and vomiting and in some cases can even be fatal.

Garlic and onions

Ingestion of garlic and onions can damage dogs’ red blood cells due to the presence of sulphur compounds, thereby causing anaemia. Once again, caution is required.

Consider treats when calculating food portion sizes

An inappropriate amount of food inevitably leads to dogs becoming overweight, just like humans, and has the same unpleasant consequences for our four-legged friends as it does for us. For that reason, it is important that you always maintain a balance between food quantities and calorific needs, as this is the only way for your pet to maintain its weight and remain healthy and fit over the longer term.

In relation to canine snacks and dog treats, this means that they also need to be taken into consideration when calculating your dog’s daily rations. If your dog regularly gets treats like dog biscuits or the like, you must deduct the calories that they contain from the dog’s normal meals.

What makes a dog treat a healthy choice?

It must be tempting to save money when buying dog snacks from Bellfor. Nevertheless, we recommend that, when selecting treats for your dog, you should set the same quality standards as you would for its normal food.

In our view, neither cereals nor animal by-products have any place in dog snacks, and high-quality meat and natural ingredients should be the order of the day for dog treats as they are elsewhere in canine diets.

This is exactly the approach that we follow with our own snacks for dogs. Apart from high quality, dried meat such as duck or rabbit ears, our range incorporates a selection of different varieties hand-baked biscuits.

As well as a containing 30 percent food-grade meat, they contain ingredients like sweet potatoes, carrots and apples, and it goes without saying that we do not use any artificial ingredients in our dog biscuits.

As such, you can be confident that, not only will our dog snacks taste great to your furry friend; they will also provide valuable nutrients. Try it for yourself – your dog’s health will thank you!

High-quality dried meat as a species-appropriate treat

There is hardly any dog who can resist the taste of our dried meat. The high-quality delicacies contain neither sugar nor artificial additives. Instead, they provide your four-legged friend with an extra helping of valuable animal proteins.

Bellfor dried meat is also ideally suited as a species-appropriate treat for nutrition-sensitive dogs or four-legged friends with diabetes that deserve a well digestible reward between meals.

Bellfor Soft Snacks as support during dog training

If you reward your dog with a tasty treat during training, you motivate your four-legged friend to memorize what he has just learned. To ensure that the exercise is not interrupted too long, however, it is important that you choose a dog snack that your four-legged friend can eat as quickly as possible.

We therefore recommend that you use our Soft Snacks. Because Soft Snacks from Bellfor are not only tasty and healthy. They also fit easily into your snack bag and are the perfect size for a small reward during dog training.

They are also optionally available in a special version with particularly digestible insect protein for dogs with food allergies.

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