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Hydrolysed dog food and possible alternatives for allergic dogs

Incompatibilities and feed allergies are widespread in dogs. They lead to skin problems and digestive problems and should not be taken lightly by dog owners.

Many manufacturers offer so-called hydrolyzed dog food for dogs with food allergies. This article will tell you exactly what this is, why it is not always a good choice and what we recommend instead.

Causes of feed allergy in dogs

The Allergy Experts

The only way to get rid of the symptoms of an allergy is to consistently avoid contact with the respective allergen. Since feed allergies are usually caused by certain proteins in the feed, it is necessary to switch to a better tolerated protein source.

Apart from wheat, beef and dairy products in particular are protein sources that can often lead to allergies and related problems in dogs.

In addition to switching to alternative protein sources such as horse or lambhydrolyzed dog food is often recommended for the treatment of feed allergies.

What is hydrolyzed dog food?

Hydrolyzed dog food contains proteins whose molecules have been broken down into smaller components by hydrolysis. Due to the breakdown, the dog's body is no longer able to recognize the proteins contained in its food as foreign and potentially allergenic substances.

In this way, the hydrolyzed dog food should prevent an allergic reaction.

By the way, it does not matter which protein source it is. This is because the protein molecules have been broken down to such an extent that a dog that is allergic to cattle, for example, can definitely ingest hydrolyzed cattle protein.

Hydrolyzed dog food has several disadvantages

What may sound convincing and meaningful at first, has a number of disadvantages in reality. Hydrolyzed dog food is therefore by no means the miracle cure for food allergies as it is often portrayed.

By artificially splitting up the proteins contained in the food, the dog's organism is relieved of work for which special enzymes are actually responsible during digestion.

In addition, microparticles contained in the protein are often destroyed during hydrolysis. In addition, hydrolyzed protein tastes very bitter. Hydrolyzed dog food would therefore be practically inedible without the use of artificial flavours and flavourings.

In addition, inferior protein sources such as soya are often used and the feed often contains large amounts of carbohydrates.

Hydrolyzed dog food does not fight the causes

In summary, it can be said that hydrolyzed dog food does not fight the basic causes of the dog's feed allergy. Instead, in principle it is simply tried to trick the organism of the four-legged friend with split, partly inferior proteins.

This may work with a little luck and alleviate the symptoms of allergy. However, feeding hydrolyzed dog food has little to do with a species-appropriate diet that optimally feeds the sensitive dog's body.

Our alternative to hydrolyzed dog food

Dog Menu Insekts

Of course, we are also aware of the fact that feed allergies in dogs are an increasingly common problem. However, we are convinced that the nutrition of these animals should be as good as that of their healthy counterparts.

For this reason, despite the undoubtedly high demand, we have decided to do without hydrolysed dog food in our range and to remain true to our high quality standards.

Insect protein for nutritionally sensitive dogs

With our dog food with insect protein (from the larvae of the black soldier fly) we offer the ideal alternative for dogs suffering from intolerances or food allergies.

Even though insects as a source of protein probably seem to take some getting used to, you can rely on our hypoallergenic dog food for a number of advantages:

  • The larvae of the black soldier fly convince as a high-quality protein source.
  • The insect protein has a complex amino acid profile and is easy to digest.
  • We only use natural ingredients and no artificial additives.
  • Since the insects do not become ill, no antibiotics are used in the breeding process.

Success proves us right

We regularly receive positive feedback from owners who have tested our hypoallergenic dog food with insect protein on their dogs. Even seemingly hopeless cases tolerate the unusual protein source very well and have no problems with their food allergy since the change.

Wet food, dry food and snacks

Skin and Fur

Our range includes extruded and cold-pressed dry food as well as wet food with insect protein. You will also find tasty dog snacks and natural dietary supplements, where we also rely on the well-tolerated protein supplier.

This gives you the opportunity to completely tailor your dog's diet to his or her needs without having to compromise on the quality or ingredients of his or her food.

Hydrolyzed dog food - our conclusion

Hydrolyzed dog food is said to be a good choice for food allergies. However, the necessary processing process and inferior ingredients do not really make it a recommendable alternative for nutritionally sensitive dogs.

Instead, we recommend that you give preference to our range of hypoallergenic insect protein dog foods. The combination of a high-quality, easily digestible protein source and natural ingredients is ideal for a species-appropriate diet that provides your dog with all the necessary nutrients.

But the best thing to do is convince yourself and join the countless owners who have managed to control your dog's food allergy with our products.

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