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Dietary supplement for dogs - Immune Soft-Happen by Bellfor Dog Food - 200g

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The item is currently not available. Alternatively, we can offer you our immune biscuits. The soft bites are expected to be available again at the end of September.

Bellfor Immune Soft-Happen Strengthens Your Dog's Immune System

Like humans, dogs have an immune system that protects them against pathogens. The immune system consists of a large number of different cells that work together to prevent pathogens from causing infections. If the dog has a good constitution, the probability that the dog gets sick is relatively low.

External influences can weaken your dog's immune system

Various environmental factors or physical causes can weaken the immune system. The immune system is often weakened after antibiotics, worming and stress due to travel, exhibitions or sporting activities. But also old and weak dogs are optimally supported by Bellfor Immune.

Feeding recommendation:

up to 5kg    1 bite per day

5-10kg         2 bites per day

10-20kg       3 bites per day

20-30kg       4 bites per day

30-40kg       5 bites per day

40-60kg       6 bites per day

One package contains approx. 40 bites of 5g each.

Note: Store in a cool, dry place away from light.

Crude protein: 16.4%

Crude fat: 7.2%

Crude fibre: 3.5%

Raw ash: 2,9%

Humidity: approx. 18.0%

The feeding should take place according to need approx. 30 days. 

A 200g package contains approx. 40 soft bites. Each soft bite weighs approx. 5g.

Potato, black soldier fly, vegetable glycerine, rose hip, nettle seed, field horsetail, propolis, sea buckthorn, rapeseed oil.


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