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Incontinence in dogs: all the important facts about bladder weakness

Incontinence in dogs

Incontinence is not uncommon in dogs. In many cases the bladder weakness affects old dogs. However, it may just as well be that younger animals are also affected. Below you'll find out what causes incontinence in dogs can have and how you can help your pet.

Possible causes of dog incontinence

If a dog suffers from incontinence, this can have various reasons. Essentially, these include old age, the castration of the four-legged friend, various illnesses or simply excitement.

Old dogs often have a weak bladder

The natural aging process does not even stop at dogs. Sooner or later every quadruped suffers from certain age-related problems. Bladder weakness is only one of them.

If an old dog suffers from incontinence, it is usually because the muscles and connective tissue become weaker and weaker over time. As a result, the sphincter muscle of the quadruped's bladder may no longer function properly and the dog may eventually become incontinent.

In many cases, old dogs with bladder weakness can be helped by medication. However, a complete cure for age-related incontinence is not possible.

Incontinence after neutering

In addition to senility, castration can also be responsible for bladder weakness in dogs. As a rule, castrated bitches are particularly affected.

The exact cause is still unclear. However, there seems to be a connection between the changes in hormone balance and the obstruction of the urethra.

If the hormones are absent due to the removal of the ovaries during castration, this can lead to the bitch becoming incontinent over time. Mostly larger breeds are affected by incontinence after castration.

An increased risk of urinary incontinence due to castration exists in the following dogs, among others

Diseases as a trigger for bladder weakness in dogs

In addition to old age and castration, some canine diseases are also possible causes of bladder weakness in dogs. In this case one speaks of secondary incontinence.

Since some of these diseases can have very serious consequences for your dog, you should not take bladder weakness lightly as a possible symptom and visit a vet with your pet as soon as possible.

The following health problems in particular can lead to incontinence in dogs:

Urination of excited dogs

It is quite possible that a dog may drain some urine from excitement. Especially young dogs are affected by this form of bladder weakness. As a rule, it is not a cause for concern. If the problem occurs constantly, a dog trainer may be able to help change the behaviour of the young dog.

Treat incontinence in dogs

If your dog suffers from incontinence, a visit to the vet is usually unavoidable. This is especially true if there are other symptoms in addition to bladder weakness, which is most likely caused by an illness.  

The vet can examine your pet, find out the exact cause of the weak bladder and, depending on the diagnosis, determine appropriate treatment measures.

Whether and how your dog's incontinence can be cured depends largely on the cause. The first priority is to treat any underlying disease. If this is successful, the bladder weakness will soon disappear again.

If it is a side effect of neutering, hormone tablets can help, for example. In case of a congenital malformation of the ureters, surgery may be necessary under certain circumstances.

However, in dogs whose bladder is affected by a bacterial infection, the veterinarian will consider treatment with antibiotics.

Bellfor Kidney Strength for dogs with bladder weakness

Bellfor Kidney Strength Powder

Apart from treatment by the vet, in many cases it makes sense to support incontinent dogs with suitable food supplements.

With Bellfor Kidney Strength we have just the right product for this purpose. Bellfor Kidney Strength contains a special mixture of selected herbs that stimulate the kidneys' natural detoxification processes.

This easily digestible food supplement helps to relieve the strain on the kidneys and prevent possible damage to this vital filter organ. In this way Bellfor Kidney Strength can help to counteract problems with the urinary tract such as cystitis or incontinence.

Sometimes only diapers can help with incontinence

Unfortunately incontinence in dogs cannot always be treated successfully. If neither surgical nor drug treatment is possible, wearing diapers may be unavoidable.

Especially with old dogs, surgery is often not recommended due to the strain on the body, so a dog diaper in the right size is a good alternative.

Our conclusion on the subject of incontinence in dogs

Bladder weakness is a widespread problem that affects not only puppies and old dogs. Particularly in bitches, incontinence can be the result of neutering, for example. In addition, a number of dog diseases can also be a trigger.

If you notice that your dog is suffering from a weak bladder, we therefore recommend that you consult a vet as soon as possible. With a bit of luck, the problems can be resolved quite quickly with the right measures.

Supplementing your dog's bladder with Bellfor Kidney Strength can provide useful support for the veterinary treatment of your dog's bladder weakness.

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