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Dogs Guide

High quality wet food for dogs

At Bellfor we have made it our mission to help you with the proper diet of your dog. High-quality wet food for dogs must not be missing in our range. With Bellfor's favorite menu, you can count on natural ingredients and a nutrient composition that does not only taste good for your dog, but also does it well. Currently our high-quality wet food for dogs is available in the following varieties: Bellfor Health Menu - Heide-Menü with lamb Bellfor Outdoor Menu - Freiland-Menü with ..

09/10/2019 Views: 89

Detecting heartburn in dogs and treating it naturally

Just like humans, dogs can also suffer from heartburn. The associated complaints are extremely unpleasant for our four-legged friends and should therefore not go unnoticed. In the following we explain to you, which causes heartburn can have with the dog and with which symptoms it makes itself noticeable. You will also find out which treatment and prevention measures are sensible. How does heartburn develop in dogs? Normally the food reaches the stomach via the esophagus, where the decomposi..

28/10/2019 Views: 89

Diet food without cereals for dogs

Obesity has long been widespread in dogs and often has fatal consequences for the health of affected animals. To reduce the weight of obese quadrupeds, dieting is essential. How to do this and why you should put on your overweight dog on diet food without grain, we explain to you below. Causes of obesity in the dog The causes of obesity in dogs are not fundamentally different from the reasons people become obese. In most cases it is simply too high an intake of calories that causes dogs t..

09/10/2019 Views: 83

Diarrhoea in dogs: causes and treatment options

It can happen again and again that a dog suffers from diarrhoea. If this happens only occasionally, it is normally not a major cause for concern. However, diarrhoea in dogs can also have serious causes. This is especially true if he appears regularly or if your dog has to vomit at the same time.  Regardless of this, you should always take your dog's diarrhoea seriously and also do something about supposedly harmless symptoms. After all, digestive problems are not only unpleasant for your..

15/10/2019 Views: 77

Dog eats grass: possible causes and risks

There's probably no dog that doesn't eat some grass from time to time. In most cases this is not a bad thing. Nevertheless, the supposedly unnatural behaviour unsettles many dog owners. Why dogs eat grass and whether you should worry about it is explained below.Is it bad when a dog eats grass?If your dog eats grass, that's no reason to worry. Even though many dog owners do not know this, it is a completely natural behaviour that can also be observed in wolves. You should therefore not ..

28/10/2019 Views: 67

Gastritis in dogs: causes, treatment and prevention

Gastritis is relatively common in dogs. It can be either acute or chronic and can be caused by a variety of causes. In the following you will learn how to recognise gastritis in your dog, which treatment measures are promising and what you can do to prevent it. Gastritis in dogs: what is it?Gastritis is an inflammation of the dog's gastric mucosa. It occurs when the normally existing protective layer is damaged and stomach acid can attack the stomach walls. As histamines are relea..

28/10/2019 Views: 66

Dog does not eat: possible causes of loss of appetite

It can happen again and again that a dog does not eat or at least significantly reduces the intake of food. If the loss of appetite is short-lived, there is usually no need to worry.However, if the quadruped refuses to eat for a longer period of time, this can become a serious danger for him. The reasons why your dog does not eat and how you can increase his appetite again are explained below.Possible reasons why a dog does not eatIf a dog eats little or not at all, this can have completely diff..

28/10/2019 Views: 65