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Dogs Guide

Vegan dog food: healthy climate or animal cruelty?

The renunciation of meat is the trend. More and more people are vegetarian or even completely vegan and thus abstain more or less consistently on animal products. What applies to the human diet has long since applied to our dogs as well. As a result, vegan dog food is now very popular and the number of products offered for a purely herbal dog food continues to grow. That's reason enough for us to go into more detail about vegan dog food. Below you will learn, therefore, whether a species-appro..

28/10/2019 Views: 271

Shorthaired dogs

Budding dog owners are first of all faced with the question of which breed suits them best. Shorthaired dogs are often preferred to their long-haired peers. This may be due to the fact that a long coat is usually associated with a higher maintenance effort. As there are also a large number of animals with a short coat among the approximately 350 dog breeds recognized by the FCI, finding a puppy that meets the wishes of its future owner should normally not be a problem. To help you with you..

10/10/2019 Views: 268

German Shorthair: dog food and breed portrait

German Shorthair is a large breed of dog from Germany. The classic hunting dogs are classified by the FCI in group 7, section 1.1 (continental pointers). The docile four-legged friends are characterized among other things by a high urge to move and an excellent sense of smell. An attitude as a family dog is theoretically possible, but in practice rather the exception. The correct nutrition of the german shorthair Species-appropriate feeding is crucial for the well-being and health ..

08/10/2019 Views: 259

Diet food without cereals for dogs

Obesity has long been widespread in dogs and often has fatal consequences for the health of affected animals. To reduce the weight of obese quadrupeds, dieting is essential. How to do this and why you should put on your overweight dog on diet food without grain, we explain to you below. Causes of obesity in the dog The causes of obesity in dogs are not fundamentally different from the reasons people become obese. In most cases it is simply too high an intake of calories that causes dogs t..

09/10/2019 Views: 245

Which puppy suits me?

If you want to buy a puppy, you should first think twice about whether there is enough time for the care of the animal and which breed it should become. After all, dogs are not just 10 years and older. They also need a lot of attention, so they are fine and living together with the four-legged harmoniously. We want to help you find a puppy that suits you. For this reason, we explain below what to look for when choosing the breed. How tall is the puppy later? ..

09/10/2019 Views: 236

Diarrhoea in dogs: causes and treatment options

It can happen again and again that a dog suffers from diarrhoea. If this happens only occasionally, it is normally not a major cause for concern. However, diarrhoea in dogs can also have serious causes. This is especially true if he appears regularly or if your dog has to vomit at the same time.  Regardless of this, you should always take your dog's diarrhoea seriously and also do something about supposedly harmless symptoms. After all, digestive problems are not only unpleasant for your..

15/10/2019 Views: 234

Obedience: dog sport for obedient four-legged friends

Obedience describes quite well what this popular dog sport is all about. In short, you give your dog certain commands that he must execute as quickly and correctly as possible. In the following, you will learn which exercises are common in obedience, whether the sport is also suitable for your dog and which requirements you have to fulfil in order to take part in competitions. We will also explain why the right diet is so important for dogs that are active in obedience and what you should p..

20/11/2019 Views: 229

Therapy dogs: training, advantages and possible applications

Animal-assisted therapy methods, in which human therapists are supported, for example, by a dog, are becoming increasingly important in practice. In many cases, the use of a therapy dog can lead to great treatment results, which might not have been possible without the four-legged helper. What tasks a therapy dog has, in which areas it can be used and what the training as a therapy helper looks like, you will learn in the following. In addition, we will explain to you why an appropriate die..

18/11/2019 Views: 219

High quality wet food for dogs

At Bellfor we have made it our mission to help you with the proper diet of your dog. High-quality wet food for dogs must not be missing in our range. With Bellfor's favorite menu, you can count on natural ingredients and a nutrient composition that does not only taste good for your dog, but also does it well. Currently our high-quality wet food for dogs is available in the following varieties: Bellfor Health Menu - Heide-Menü with lamb Bellfor Outdoor Menu - Freiland-Menü with ..

09/10/2019 Views: 218

Dog eats grass: possible causes and risks

There's probably no dog that doesn't eat some grass from time to time. In most cases this is not a bad thing. Nevertheless, the supposedly unnatural behaviour unsettles many dog owners.  Why dogs eat grass and whether you should worry about it is explained below. Is it bad when a dog eats grass? If your dog eats grass, that's no reason to worry. Even though many dog owners do not know this, it is a completely natural behaviour that can also be observed in wolves.  You should ther..

28/10/2019 Views: 215

Greyhound racing: dog sport for special four-legged friends

Even though greyhounds have long conquered the hearts of many dog owners and are nowadays often kept as pure family dogs, greyhound races still enjoy great popularity. Because with this dog sport the fast four-legged friends can bring their strengths to bear thanks to the short racing distance optimally and satisfy their natural urge to move. In the following you will learn exactly how greyhound races take place, which different types of races there are and which prer..

15/11/2019 Views: 208

Service dogs: emergency forces on four paws

Dogs can do much more than just give a faithful companion in the form of a family dog. Whether as an assistance dog, as a rescue dog or even as a service dog, which supports state organizations such as the police - there are countless areas in which people can benefit from the special abilities of four-legged friends. Service dogs, for example, have long been used in numerous countries all over the world and their work often makes an important contribution to the accomplis..

27/11/2019 Views: 207

Drafting dogs: species-appropriate occupation for dogs that enjoy running

When it comes to train dog sport, most people probably first think of huskies pulling a sled through the snowy landscape. But train dog sport has much more to offer than that and has found more and more enthusiastic followers in recent years. Why train dog sport is a great occupation for many dog breeds, in which disciplines you can try yourself and what you should pay attention to with regard to the physical conditions of your four-legged friend, you will learn in the following. We will al..

15/11/2019 Views: 198

Dog does not eat: possible causes of loss of appetite

It can happen again and again that a dog does not eat or at least significantly reduces the intake of food. If the loss of appetite is short-lived, there is usually no need to worry.However, if the quadruped refuses to eat for a longer period of time, this can become a serious danger for him. The reasons why your dog does not eat and how you can increase his appetite again are explained below.Possible reasons why a dog does not eatIf a dog eats little or not at all, this can have completely diff..

28/10/2019 Views: 196

Rescue dogs: training, main areas of application and nutrition

The dog is man's best friend and can even prove to be a real lifesaver in certain situations. After all, rescue dogs are often an indispensable part of rescue teams that search for missing persons in the mountains, in the forest or even under rubble. What the tasks of a rescue dog consist of, which breeds are particularly suitable for it and how the training as a search dog proceeds, you will learn in the following. We will also explain to you what is important when feeding rescue dog..

18/11/2019 Views: 182

Dogtrekking: when dog and owner go on wanderings

Dogtrekking in German means dog long distance hiking. The dog sport is especially popular in many countries, such as Poland, Belgium and Austria, but is also becoming increasingly popular in Germany. What dog trekking is all about, what your dog should be able to do and what the equipment looks like for a common tour, you will learn in the following. We will also explain why the nutrition of your dog is so important during dog trekking and what you have to pay attention to when ..

27/11/2019 Views: 177

Canicross: dog sport for fit owners

Owners of dogs who love to run and who like to spend their time outdoors have the perfect opportunity to do so with Canicross. Because in this dog sport, the team has to cross country on six legs, so that people and animals alike get their money's worth. How Canicross works exactly, whether your dog is suitable for this sport and how to practice the popular draught dog sport correctly, you will find out below. We'll also explain what's important when it comes to feeding your Canicross..

21/11/2019 Views: 173

Avalanche dogs: life savers on four paws

Dogs are not only suitable as faithful companions or for the protection of house and yard. They can even save lives. As avalanche dogs, they help the mountain rescue service, for example, to track down and rescue missing persons in the snow. What makes a good avalanche dog, why the four-legged friends still play an important role today despite modern technology and how the training takes place, you will learn in the following. We will also explain what is important when feeding avalan..

28/11/2019 Views: 173

Treibball: species-appropriate dog sport for active four-legged friends

Many dog-races, that were bred originally as work-animals, are held mainly as families and society-dogs today. Dog sport is the perfect way to employ these animals in a species-appropriate way and to challenge them both mentally and physically. A very popular sport, for which especially medium-sized to large animals with a high urge to move can be inspired, is for example Treibball.  What Treibball is all about, what challenges you can expect during training and whether your dog is ..

15/11/2019 Views: 172

Water work as a dog sport

Nowadays, the majority of dogs are pure family dogs, while the original breeding purpose of many breeds is increasingly receding into the background. This is not bad at first, but at the same time it makes it necessary to use the four-legged friends in another way.  Dog sport is perfectly suitable for this purpose and offers a suitable discipline for almost every animal thanks to numerous different kinds of sport. While some four-legged friends find their luck with Agility or Obedience..

21/11/2019 Views: 169