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Dogs Guide

Why does the dog lick the anus?

It can occur again and again that a dog licks itself at the anus. If this happens remarkably frequently with your four-legged friend, you should not take his behavior to the light shoulder.Excessive licking of the anus is a sign of discomfort, which may even require a visit to the vet. In the following we will explain why your dog probably licks his anus and what you can do about it.An anal gland inflammation as a cause of anal licking in the dogThe anal glands produce a secretion, that serves t..

26/07/2019 Views: 6769

Why does Bellfor use beet pulp in dog food?

We always get questions about natural and healthy food for dogs. We are of course happy with that. That shows that it is increasingly important for dog owners that their dog is fed in a natural and healthy way. To support their health.One of the questions we often ask ourselves is: "Why do you use beet pulp in dog food?" In the next article we give you the answer.The subject of dog food is very difficult We would like to briefly explain in advance how complex the issue of dog food really is..

27/02/2018 Views: 6474

Ovopet: the natural alternative for healthy joints in dogs

In the meantime, countless nutritional supplements are available which are intended to bring about a rapid improvement in dogs with joint problems such as osteoarthritis. Unfortunately, not all of these products deliver what they promise. This is due on the one hand to the ingredients themselves, but on the other hand also to the raw materials used, the manufacturing processes and the product quality achieved with them.  In this article we would like to explain to you what d..

24/10/2017 Views: 5800

Coat change in the dog: you have to know that

Dog owners know that they must prepare themselves with their four-legged friend twice in the year for an intensified hair loss. With a few exceptions, most dogs have to change their coat regularly.You may find the loss of hair in your home annoying. For your dog, however, the change of coat is an absolute necessity that cannot be avoided.But the change of coat is not only for you connected with work. The procedure is also a great effort for your dog. For this reason you should do your utmost to ..

19/10/2017 Views: 5506

Low purine dog food - when does it make sense

There are several reasons why a dog should be fed purine poor. But what exactly are purines, what do they contain and when should you take a purine-poor dog food? We will answer these questions below. What is purine? Purine is an organic compound that is important for building new cells and genetic material in both humans and dogs. Purines are found in many foods. Their proportion is very high, especially in offal. In addition, however, many types of meat, such as beef, and legumes also conta..

29/03/2019 Views: 5376

Dog cough: causes and treatment options

Coughing can occur frequently in dogs and can be caused by many causes. In most cases, coughing is not a cause for concern. However, you should not take it lightly and do something about your dog's symptoms if necessary. In this article we will explain the reasons for the cough in your four-legged friend, when you should go to the vet and what you can do against the dog's cough. Possible reasons for coughing in dogs Coughing can have very different reasons in dogs. These can be harmless, ..

04/12/2018 Views: 5248

Can fats in dog food lead to allergies?

One argument that we always advance to support our dog food with insect proteins is the extremely low potential of this protein source to cause allergies.While traditional meats, such as beef and chicken, always entail a certain risk of food allergies, there is virtually no risk of this with our insect protein.This means that, if your dog has had problems digesting its previous food, our Farm and Natural Feasts are the perfect alternative.Poultry fat in dog foodRecently, we were approached by a ..

16/11/2017 Views: 4963

Pyoderma in dogs: causes, symptoms and treatment

Skin problems, such as pyoderma, are common in dogs. They can have very different causes and manifest themselves through different symptoms.We will explain to you how you can recognise pyoderma in your dog and what the cause of the skin disease can be. You will also learn what is necessary for the treatment and whether there are any possibilities for prevention.What is pyoderma?Pyoderma is a skin infection caused by bacteria, which manifests itself among other things in the form of pustules and ..

20/06/2019 Views: 4814

Flatulence in dogs: symptoms, causes and treatments

Just like people, dogs can suffer from flatulence. This can have multiple causes and should be examined by a doctor if it occurs frequently.This article describes the triggers that cause flatulence, and shows how you can get it under control.SymptomsWhen dogs suffer from bloating, too much gas forms in their gastrointestinal tracts. It can be difficult for the gas to escape, which is associated with colicky pain for the animal. This is also associated with the typical intestinal noises and, when..

11/01/2018 Views: 4790

Callosity in the dog

Lying calluses, often also referred to as lying bumps, are a widespread problem in dogs. Especially large breeds with a high body weight are affected. They are also more common in dogs suffering from obesity.Lying bumps in dogs - causes and symptomsLying bumps occur in dogs especially in places where the bone presses directly on the skin when lying down. Accordingly, they develop particularly often at the elbows, breastbone and hocks.There it comes to a strong pressure load when lying down, wher..

11/02/2019 Views: 4788

Tonsillitis in the dog

Like humans, dogs also have two tonsils which are located in the right and left throat. As part of the lymphatic system, they play an important role in the defence against diseases. Due to their anatomical position, they are often involved when pathogens enter the animal's body.Especially in the cold season, your dog's tonsils can become inflamed. A distinction is made between primary tonsillitis and secondary tonsillitis, in which the inflammation occurs in conjunction with other diseases such ..

06/12/2018 Views: 4687

For performance dogs: promote muscle growth and regeneration

Performance dogs have special needs in terms of nutrition. The right combination of nutrients, among other things, improves the performance of the quadruped. In addition, it accelerates regeneration, promotes muscle growth and minimizes the risk of injury.Incidentally, this does not only apply to sports dogs that operate, for example, canicross or agility. Even with hunting and service dogs, proper nutrition should be given sufficient attention.In the following, we explain what is important and ..

17/10/2017 Views: 4665

Cereal-free dog food: does it make sense?

Dog food that does not contain cereals: for some people, it is the only correct decision, while for others, it is no more than a distraction by manufacturers to enable them to sell their dog food to humans for higher prices.In this article, we would like to address the question of whether cereals such as wheat should form part of a breed-appropriate diet for your dog. In this article, you will learn why many forms of dog food contain cereals and what the consequences can be for your pet as a res..

14/11/2017 Views: 4520

How dogs’ joints are put together

The same goes for both people and for dogs: healthy joints are essential for mobility. If their function is limited, there are far-reaching consequences that can cause lasting damage.You will learn in this article how joints are put together, as well as the individual components that they consist of. In addition, you will also learn how to prevent joint conditions and how existing complaints can be helped to heal much more effectively.Construction of the jointsThe construction of the joints vari..

25/10/2017 Views: 4367

Lyme disease in dogs: the underestimated danger

Lyme disease is an infectious disease. It is transmitted by ticks and is quite common in dogs. If it is not diagnosed in time, the disease can take a severe course with permanent damage. For this reason, it is important that you detect a possible infection in good time and have it treated. You should also try to minimise the risk of infection with the right measures. What is important and what you can do to protect your dog yourself is explained in this article. ..

16/10/2017 Views: 4288

French Bulldog

The French Bulldog is a small breed of dog which is managed by the FCI in group 9 as a company and companion dog. French bulldogs are very popular with dog owners of all kinds and are known for their friendly and cuddly nature.Characteristics of the French BulldogFrench Bulldogs have a muscular and powerful physique, a short tail as well as an angular, wide head and a short catch. Characteristic are also its bat-ears with the French Bulldog.The weight of the French Bulldog is between 8 and 14 ki..

21/09/2018 Views: 3934

Dog breeds

The number of different dog breeds is large. The FCI (Fédération Cynologique Internationale) currently recognizes almost 350 different breeds worldwide. Estimates that include breeds that are not recognized by the FCI even assume 800 and in some cases considerably more dog breeds.Dog breeds according to FCIThe FCI (Fédération Cynologique Internationale) is the largest association dealing with cynology. Cynology is the science of breeding, care, education, behaviour, diseases and breeds of domest..

04/10/2018 Views: 3666

Aggressive dog: causes and tips for affected owners

Most dogs are extremely peaceful and friendly contemporaries. Even if some four-legged strangers are rather reserved due to breed-specific peculiarities, they usually do not pose a threat to their environment.But what if a dog behaves aggressively and in the worst case maybe even bites? What causes such behaviour and what you as the owner can do about it are explained below.Why do dogs become aggressive?No dog is naturally aggressive or malicious. If a four-legged friend tends nevertheless to ag..

04/02/2019 Views: 3607

Animal allergy in dogs: you can do that

An allergy is an innate tendency. It causes an overreaction of the immune system in contact with an actually harmless substance. Before an allergy is triggered, however, it requires repeated contact with the corresponding allergen.Allergies are not just a problem for us humans. They are also common in dogs. According to estimates, about 20 percent of all fur noses are affected in one way or another.The two most common forms of allergy in dogs are flea allergy and atopic dermatitis. Atopic dermat..

16/10/2017 Views: 3572

Pneumonia in dogs: symptoms and treatment

If your dog suffers from lung inflammation, the tissue of his lung is inflamed. The technical term for this disease is pneumonia. Pathogens such as bacteria, fungi or viruses are often responsible for pneumonia in dogs.Even if an inflammation of the lung can normally be treated well, you should not take a possible disease lightly. If not treated, pneumonia can be life-threatening for your dog.This article explains the symptoms you need to watch out for, how pneumonia is treated and what you can ..

07/12/2018 Views: 3358