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Dogs Guide


The pug has long since made it into the hearts of countless dog owners. The popular social dog probably originates from China, where its ancestors were bred about 2,000 years ago, before they finally found their way to Europe in the 16th century.The pug is listed in group 9 by the FCI. Thanks to its balanced and child-friendly character, the pug is now widely used as a family dog.Characteristics of the pugThe pug is a small breed of dog. The height at withers of bitches is about 25 centimetres, ..

20/09/2018 Views: 1444

Bladder infection in dogs

Dogs can also suffer from cystitis. Although in principle every four-legged friend can be affected by it, there is an increased risk especially with older animals as well as castrated bitches. As with humans, bladder infections in dogs require treatment by a veterinarian because they are painful and can spread further.What is cystitis?Bladder infection is usually a very painful inflammation in the lower urinary tract. In many cases only the bladder is affected. However, it is also possible that ..

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The Newfoundland is a large Canadian dog breed that originated on the island of Newfoundland. There the Newfoundland, which is classified by the FCI as group 2, was formerly used as a working dog.Characteristics of the NewfoundlanderWith a life expectancy of 8 to 10 years, the Newfoundlander is not too old. Males reach an average size of 71 centimeters and a weight of about 68 kilograms. Female animals are with 54 kilograms and 66 centimeters somewhat smaller and lighter.The Newfoundlander is ch..

06/11/2018 Views: 1442

Underweight in dogs: causes and tips

Overweight is widespread in dogs. However, there are also many dogs with underweight. Just like obesity, too low a body weight is not something you as a dog owner should take lightly.Because underweight is with dogs not only a sign for already existing health problems. It can also have further consequences for the health and well-being of your four-legged friend.How to recognize underweight in your dog, which causes are possible and how to ensure a healthy and lasting normalization of his body w..

11/05/2019 Views: 1390

Bull Terrier

The Bull Terrier has its origin in Great Britain and is classified by the FCI in group 3. The medium sized breed is also suitable as a guard dog, but despite its bad reputation it is also a loving and playful family dog.Characteristics of the Bull TerrierThe life expectancy of the Bull Terrier lies with 10 to 12 years. With a height at withers of 45 to 55 centimetres, its weight usually ranges from 24 to 30 kilograms.The most conspicuous optical characteristic with the Bull Terrier surely is the..

23/11/2018 Views: 1390

Czechoslovak Wolfhound

The Czechoslovak Wolfhound is a large dog breed from the former Czechoslovakia. The aim of this crossing of German Shepherd Dog and Wolf was originally to breed a robust working dog. The Czechoslovak Wolfhound has been recognized by the FCI since 1999 and is classified in group 1.Characteristics of the Czechoslovak WolfhoundThe life expectancy of the Czechoslovak Wolfhound is about 12 years. With a height at withers of at least 60 centimetres for females and at least 65 centimetres for males, th..

02/01/2019 Views: 1371

Bernese Mountain Dog

The Bernese Mountain Dog is a large breed of dog that originated in Switzerland. The FCI has the Bernese Mountain Dog in Group 2. The breed was originally bred as a draught animal and guard dog and is characterized by a balanced and self-confident nature.Characteristics of the Bernese Mountain DogThe height at withers of the Bernese Mountain Dog is 64 to 70 centimetres for males, while females are slightly smaller at 58 to 66 centimetres.There is no standard for weight, although it is usually be..

16/08/2018 Views: 1368

St Bernard

The Bernhardiner is a large breed of dog from Switzerland. There the Saint Bernard was originally bred by monks of the hospice on the Great St. Bernard as a guard, protection and rescue dog. Today, however, the St Bernard, which is classified by the FCI as Group 2, is also a popular family and companion dog. Characteristics of the Saint Bernard The life expectancy of the Saint Bernard is about 10 years. The animals reach a withers-height of 65 to 80 cm (bitches), respectively 70 to 9..

19/12/2018 Views: 1342

Shih Tzu

The Shih Tzu is a small dog breed, which has its origin in Tibet, where it was already bred more than 1,000 years ago by monks. The FCI classifies the Shih Tzu in group 9. Today the Shih Tzu is a popular social and family dog, for which apart from his small size also his friendly nature might be responsible.Characteristics of the Shih TzuThe life expectancy of the Shih Tzu is usually between 10 and 16 years. The animals reach a maximum size of 27 centimeters and a weight of 4.5 to 8 kilograms.Sh..

06/11/2018 Views: 1328

Detecting, treating and preventing ear mites in dogs

Dogs can be attacked by different types of mites. One of them are so-called ear mites. Compared to other species, these are quite rare in dogs, but can have serious consequences for affected animals.In the following we will explain how you can recognize an infestation with ear mites in your dog, what causes it and how the parasites can be treated.What are ear mites?Ear mites are mite species that almost exclusively affect the ears of their host animals. There they feed on blood, skin cells and t..

20/06/2019 Views: 1321

Maltese dog

The Maltese is a small breed of dog which has its origin in the Mediterranean area. The FCI guides the Maltese dog in group 9. Characteristics of the Maltese Dog The life expectancy of the Maltese is about 12 to 16 years, so the breed can become relatively old for a dog. With a height at withers of 20 to 23 centimetres in females and 21 to 25 centimetres in males, the Maltese is quite small. He has a slim body and should weigh between three and four kilograms. The head of the Maltese is quite..

28/12/2018 Views: 1274

Constipation in dogs: causes, symptoms and treatment

If your dog suffers from constipation, you should not take it lightly. Digestive problems can quickly have serious consequences and, in the worst case, can even cause permanent damage to the four-legged friend's intestines.Fortunately, blockages in dogs are in many cases only temporary and can be treated quite easily. What causes the constipation in your dog can have, how you recognize it and what is necessary for the treatment, we explain to you in the following.Constipation in your dog - what ..

13/05/2019 Views: 1273

How Extreme Watering Can Damage Performance

Extensive watering before the competitions is very widespread in the draught dog sport. A large amount of water is mixed with some minced meat or wet food. Sometimes the whole thing is also enriched with other ingredients such as honey, oil or lamb fat. The dogs then receive this meat soup about two hours before the load.The aim is to provide them with as much water and energy as possible for the competition and to positively influence their performance. But although many owners swear by this fo..

07/06/2018 Views: 1234

Green lipped mussel for dogs

The green-lipped mussel is one of the mussels. Its habitat is in the sea around New Zealand, where it is now also bred in large aquacultures. Green lipped mussels are not only used as food, but also as dietary supplements in dried and powdered form.The green-lipped mussel as a food supplement for dogsGreen lipped mussels are now increasingly used as ingredients in dietary supplements for dogs. The reason for this use is the glycosaminoglycans contained in them.Glycosaminoglycans are amino sugar ..

28/12/2018 Views: 1220


The dachshund is a German dog breed which was originally bred for underground hunting of foxes and badgers. Other common names for the dachshund are dachshund (especially among hunters) and Dachshund. The FCI classifies this small dog breed in group 4.Characteristics of the DachshundThe life expectancy of the Dachshund is quite high. With a little luck, dog owners can enjoy their faithful companion for up to 15 years.The most conspicuous feature of the dachshund is without doubt the combination ..

20/12/2018 Views: 1205

Itching in dogs: possible causes and treatment methods

Itching is extremely unpleasant for dogs and leads to excessive scratching in affected animals. As a result, the itching becomes stronger over time and the skin health of the four-legged friend suffers increasingly.In this article we explain the causes of itching in dogs and what you can do about it.Consequences of itching in dogsA strong itching is naturally extremely annoying for dogs and usually leads to excessive scratching. In the long run the skin and the fur of the quadruped will be affec..

19/06/2019 Views: 1203

Apoquel for dogs with allergic itching

Apoquel is a veterinary drug containing the active ingredient oclacitinib and is available in different strengths for dogs of different weights. The drug is used in the treatment of dogs suffering from severe itching due to allergies.Allergies are common in dogsAllergies are widespread in dogs and manifest themselves in affected animals mainly through massive skin problems. The associated itching leads to the fact that the allergic four-legged friends constantly scratch and bite.This leads to ba..

29/08/2019 Views: 1191

Big dogs

Besides the division of the different breeds into one of the 10 groups defined by the FCI, it is especially common to divide dogs into small, medium and large breeds according to their shoulder height. To qualify as a large dog, a breed must typically have a shoulder height of more than 60 centimetres.The weight does not play a role in this context, which is why there can be very clear differences. For example, the Golden Retriever with a weight of 25 kilograms or more is one of the big dogs, as..

23/08/2019 Views: 1174


The Mastiff is a large breed of dog, originating in Great Britain and managed by the FCI in Group 2. In fact, the Mastiff is one of the largest and heaviest breeds in the world. Nevertheless it is characterised by a high stimulus threshold and a reserved, friendly nature.Characteristics of the MastiffThe life expectancy of the Mastiff is about 10 to 12 years. Especially large and heavy animals often die earlier. With a size of 70 to 91 centimetres, the Mastiff weighs 70 to 100 kilograms. In indi..

17/12/2018 Views: 1124

Devil's claw for dogs

Devil's claw is a medicinal plant from Africa, from which the roots are used. These are dried, ground into powder and then processed into tablets or capsules, for example.Food supplements with devil's claw are not only produced for humans, but also for dogs. In the following, we will explain to you what effect they should have.Devil's claw in dogs: Fields of applicationDevil's claw was originally regarded as a natural remedy for digestive complaints, urinary tract diseases and loss of appetite. ..

14/02/2019 Views: 1080