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Dogs Guide

Preventing and removing tartar in dogs

Tartar is a common problem in dogs and can occur in principle in all breeds. However, small breeds with narrow teeth or a narrow jaw often suffer from tartar. We will explain to you how tartar occurs in dogs, what consequences it can have and how it can be removed. You will also learn which preventive measures have proven successful.How does tartar develop in dogs?After eating, food remains stick to the dog's teeth. These mix with bacteria and saliva and form plaque. If the plaque is not removed..

09/07/2019 Views: 965

Insect bite in dog

The warm season inevitably brings with it a multitude of biting insects, which can sting not only humans but also dogs. In most cases an insect bite is harmless in dogs. However, there are also situations in which it can become a serious danger.In this article, we will explain what to look out for in the case of an insect bite on your dog, when it is dangerous and which first aid measures make sense.Detecting an insect bite in your dogEspecially if your four-legged friend was stung not only by a..

12/07/2019 Views: 954

Tooth change in dogs

Just like in humans, the milk teeth of dogs grow first, which are then replaced by the permanent teeth during the change of teeth. The change of teeth in dogs often takes place without any problems. However, this can also lead to discomfort.When the change of teeth begins with your dog, how you can recognize possible complications and how you can help the four-legged friend in this case, we explain to you in the following.Milk teeth and permanent teeth in dogsDogs have a total of 28 milk teeth. ..

31/05/2019 Views: 947

Dog with overweight: this is how it works with the diet

Obesity is widespread in Germany and has long since ceased to be confined to humans alone. Also more and more dogs suffer from overweight and the bad consequences that this often has for their health.Although some diseases can also be responsible for this, in most cases the owner is to blame for the fact that his dog is overweight. How to recognize if your four-legged friend is too fat and how to get his weight under control, you will learn below.Overweight makes dogs sickOverweight is far more ..

07/05/2019 Views: 901

Go for a walk: Tips for relaxed walks with your dog

Dogs need a lot of attention from their owners. This also includes going for a walk with your four-legged friend every day. How often and how long you should go for a walk with your dog depends on the breed and age of the animal. We will explain what is important in the following.How often you should walk your dogHow often you should go for a walk with your dog cannot be said in general. Essentially, the frequency depends on when your dog has to do his business.For puppies and older dogs this is..

06/05/2019 Views: 859

Why dogs eat excrements

Many dog owners probably know it from their own experience. Your own dog suddenly eats excrement with great enthusiasm. The technical term for this behavior is coprophagy. In this article we explain why dogs eat excrement and why it is not only disgusting but also dangerous. You'll also learn what you can do about eating your dog's excrement. Possible causes of dog faeces eating in dogs Despite all the enthusiasm, which some quadrupeds show, eating excrement is not a normal behaviour and also..

26/07/2019 Views: 845

If ticks bite: first aid measures for your dog

During the warm months of the year there is a risk that your dog will be bitten by ticks. The small parasites sit in bushes or grass and often attack your dog unnoticed while walking. As a rule, the tick season in Germany extends from about February to October. At mild temperatures above seven degrees, ticks can also be active in winter. In the following we will explain why tick infestation is a danger for dogs and how you react correctly in case of tick bites. Why tick bites are dangerous ..

27/05/2019 Views: 822

Medium sized dog breeds

The FCI divides dog breeds into 10 different groups. For laymen, however, the size of the dog is more likely to play a role in the purchase of a dog. For this reason, dogs are often distinguished between small, large and medium-sized breeds on the basis of shoulder height.Among the medium-sized dog breeds are those whose shoulder height ranges from 40 to 59 centimetres. Weight and appearance can vary greatly. For example, the Beagle with a weight of nine kilos or more is a medium-sized dog, as i..

19/08/2019 Views: 820

Hypoallergenic dog food

Hypoallergenic dog food is a digestible alternative for all dogs suffering from food allergies. It is free of allergenic ingredients and is therefore well tolerated by affected animals.Feed allergies are widespread in dogsAs many veterinarians have probably confirmed, food allergies are widespread in dogs. In terms of frequency, they are now the third most common allergy dogs can suffer from.It should therefore come as no surprise that more and more dog owners are buying hypoallergenic dog food ..

14/06/2019 Views: 809

Intestinal rehabilitation in dogs

Whether pulpy faeces, diarrhea or flatulence - the possible complaints associated with digestive problems in dogs are numerous. They are not only unpleasant for affected animals. In the long run, they can also have serious health consequences, such as increased susceptibility to disease. After all, the intestine is an important part of your dog's immune system. In certain situations it may therefore be advisable to carry out an intestinal rehabilitation in the dog. When this is the case and ho..

12/09/2019 Views: 780

Appenzeller Mountain Dog - Dog Food

The Appenzeller Sennenhund is a medium-sized Swiss dog breed which is managed by the FCI in Group 2. The Appenzell Mountain Dog is one of the Swiss Mountain Dogs and is a classic herding dog, but due to its uncomplicated character it is also suitable as a family dog.Characteristics of the Appenzell Mountain DogMales reach a shoulder-height of 52 to 56 centimeters while female Appenzeller Sennenhunde are somewhat smaller with 50 to 54 cm. The weight of this breed usually ranges between 22 and 32 ..

05/08/2019 Views: 756

Vomiting in dogs: causes, treatment and prevention

Digestive problems such as vomiting are not uncommon in dogs. They can have many causes and should not be taken lightly. Below you can find out the possible causes of vomiting in dogs and what you can do to treat them.Possible causes of vomiting in dogsJust like diarrhea, vomiting in dogs can have countless causes. It is therefore not always easy to determine the exact trigger.In addition to harmless causes, such as the consumption of spoiled food, nausea can also indicate life-threatening probl..

08/08/2019 Views: 745

Brushing the dog's teeth: keeping the dog's teeth healthy

Healthy teeth are indispensable for dogs. Dental problems can be very painful and have serious consequences. We humans know that daily tooth brushing is important. But your dog doesn't know that.The responsibility for the dental health of your four-legged friend therefore lies entirely with you. In the following we will show you what you have to pay attention to when brushing your dog's teeth.Why you should brush your dog's teethNot all dog owners are aware that they have to brush their dog's te..

30/05/2019 Views: 737

Small dogs

Apart from the division into the 10 different FCI groups, which in practice is of little importance for most laymen, dog breeds can also be distinguished by their size.For the division into small, medium and large animals, the shoulder height is taken as a standard, whereby small dogs reach a maximum shoulder height of 39 centimetres.In terms of external appearance and weight, however, clear differences are possible. For example, Chihuahuas with a weight of 1.5 kilograms or more are among the sm..

15/08/2019 Views: 730

Dog has fleas: recognize and treat flea infestation

Fleas with dogs are a real nightmare for owners. Once the four-legged friend is infested by them, the small parasites can only be got rid of with great effort. In addition, a flea infestation can also cause serious health problems.In this article we therefore explain how you can recognize and treat fleas in your dog. You will also find out what preventive measures are available to you.What are fleas?Fleas are tiny insects that (depending on the species) reach a size of about one to four millimet..

31/05/2019 Views: 701

Risk areas: where ticks occur in the UK

Tick bites pose a danger to humans and animals alike, with ticks biting dogs almost more often because they romp about in meadows and forests. However, the incidence of ticks and the diseases they transmit can vary considerably within Europe, which is why not all regions are considered to be equally at risk.  Where the risk of infection is particularly high and how you can protect your dog from tick bites is explained below. Ticks occur all over Europe Although the occurrence of ticks i..

27/05/2019 Views: 664

Oak processionary moth and dogs: you need to know that

The oak processionary moth is particularly active in May and June. In some areas the caterpillars of the butterfly cause considerable impairments up to traffic obstructions due to the implementation of control measures.Why oak processionary mothes pose a danger not only to humans but also to dogs is explained below. We will also explain how you can tell whether your dog has come into contact with the oak processionary moth caterpillars and what you need to do in this case.Oak procession moth - w..

01/08/2019 Views: 645

Water dogs

Water dogs are breeds that were once bred specifically for working in the water during hunting and fishing. Apart from their original use, some of these breeds have become popular family dogs.Water Dogs SpecialitiesWaterdogs are usually medium sized, whereby the different races show quite clear differences optically partially. A characteristic, that all water-dogs have in common, is the dense, wavy until curled fur, that usually shows a dark coloring and offers a good heat-protection to the quad..

13/08/2019 Views: 644

Scabies at the dog

The dog's mange is a skin disease caused by certain types of mites, which is not only extremely contagious, but can even be fatal if left untreated.We will explain to you how your dog can become infected with mange, what symptoms to watch out for and what is necessary for successful treatment.What is mange?Mange is a parasitic skin disease caused in dogs by infestation with certain mite species. It is very contagious and causes severe itching and papules (small nodules) on the skin in affected a..

23/07/2019 Views: 635

Jack Russell Terrier life expectancy

The Jack Russell Terrier is a small hunting dog from the UK. It owes its name to the English pastor and hunter John (Jack) Russell, who began in the 19th century with the breed of this breed. The Jack Russell Terrier is led by the FCI in Section 2 of Group 3 under the low-flying Terriers and should, according to breed standard, reach a weight of five to six kilos and a shoulder height of 25 to 30 centimeters. In Britain and Australia, the Jack Russell Terrier is still a popular hunting dog tod..

09/10/2019 Views: 631