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Dogs Guide

Oak processionary moth and dogs: you need to know that

The oak processionary moth is particularly active in May and June. In some areas the caterpillars of the butterfly cause considerable impairments up to traffic obstructions due to the implementation of control measures.Why oak processionary mothes pose a danger not only to humans but also to dogs is explained below. We will also explain how you can tell whether your dog has come into contact with the oak processionary moth caterpillars and what you need to do in this case.Oak procession moth - w..

01/08/2019 Views: 770

Dog has fleas: recognize and treat flea infestation

Fleas with dogs are a real nightmare for owners. Once the four-legged friend is infested by them, the small parasites can only be got rid of with great effort. In addition, a flea infestation can also cause serious health problems.In this article we therefore explain how you can recognize and treat fleas in your dog. You will also find out what preventive measures are available to you.What are fleas?Fleas are tiny insects that (depending on the species) reach a size of about one to four millimet..

31/05/2019 Views: 766

Risk areas: where ticks occur in the UK

Tick bites pose a danger to humans and animals alike, with ticks biting dogs almost more often because they romp about in meadows and forests. However, the incidence of ticks and the diseases they transmit can vary considerably within Europe, which is why not all regions are considered to be equally at risk.  Where the risk of infection is particularly high and how you can protect your dog from tick bites is explained below. Ticks occur all over Europe Although the occurrence of ticks i..

27/05/2019 Views: 739

The dog's sense of taste

It is probably well known that dogs have different preferences than humans when it comes to food. But do our four-legged friends taste anything at all?Considering the fact that they often seem to be anything but choosy and sometimes even eat carrion or the excrements of other animals, this question is quite justified.The answer is given in this article. Below you will find everything you need to know about your dog's sense of taste.Animals also have a sense of tasteAs you probably know, there ar..

31/07/2019 Views: 712


Sighthounds are different breeds, which are characterized by their slim physique and an extremely low body fat percentage.  The sighthounds originally used for hunting are excellent sprinters. Thanks to their loving nature, they are also excellent as family dogs. History of the greyhounds Sighthounds are among the oldest dog breeds in the world. They were already known several thousand years ago in Egypt, as drawings of them prove. In the Middle Ages, the possession of ..

03/06/2019 Views: 695

Overweight dogs: causes, consequences and tips

Overweight is unfortunately very widespread in dogs. For affected quadrupeds the excess kilos can have serious consequences in the long run and cause massive health problems.In this article we will explain how dogs become overweight, the consequences of obesity and what you can do about it.Causes of obesity in dogsIn most cases we humans are responsible for the overweight of our dogs. Of course, we want our beloved four-legged friends to have nothing missing. Accordingly, there are often treats,..

15/05/2019 Views: 672

Hungarian hunting dog: dog food and breed portrait

The Hungarian Hound, also known as Magyar Vizsla Shorthair, is a large breed of dog from Hungary. The classic hunting dogs are managed by the FCI in group 7, section 1 (continental pointers). Hungarian hunting dogs are characterized among other things by a high intelligence as well as an excellent fitness. They are primarily suitable for active and experienced dog owners. If their owners meet their needs, they certainly represent an option as a family dog. History of the Hungarian Hound The a..

09/10/2019 Views: 644

Pregnancy in dogs

Pregnancy in dogs lasts 58 to 68 days on average. Depending on the breed, between three and twelve puppies are born per litter.When your bitch is ready to mate, how to recognize a pregnancy in your dog and what you can do to support your four-legged friend is explained below.From when a pregnancy is possible with the dogIn bitches, the entry into sexual maturity takes place with their first heat. This usually occurs between the sixth and twelfth month of life, although for some four-legged frien..

20/06/2019 Views: 619

How much does a dog cost a month?

Dogs are among the most popular pets of all. At the same time they are quite expensive. After all, the purchase of a pedigree dog quickly costs more than 1,000 euros.It is not much different with the attitude of the four-legged friend. Also here expect the owner regular costs, which should not be underestimated. But what exactly does a dog cost per month? We have investigated this question and explain to you in this article what you have to be prepared for.Different costs depending on breed..

08/07/2019 Views: 601

Gastritis in dogs: causes, treatment and prevention

Gastritis is relatively common in dogs. It can be either acute or chronic and can be caused by a variety of causes. In the following you will learn how to recognise gastritis in your dog, which treatment measures are promising and what you can do to prevent it. Gastritis in dogs: what is it?Gastritis is an inflammation of the dog's gastric mucosa. It occurs when the normally existing protective layer is damaged and stomach acid can attack the stomach walls. As histamines are relea..

28/10/2019 Views: 587

What dog breeds with children?

There is probably hardly a child who does not want to have a dog as a pet at some point. Irrespective of the fact that most of the work involved in keeping a dog always depends on the parents, it is important to choose the right breed.Because even if in principle every dog can be educated well, not all dog breeds are equally suitable for families with children. Before you decide on an animal, you should inform yourself well about the peculiarities of the respective breed.In the following we expl..

07/08/2019 Views: 580

Jogging and cycling: this is how sport with dogs works

More and more people don't just want to go for a walk with their four-legged friend and romp around a little, but want to try their hand at joint sporting activities.Beside train dog sport, as for example Canicross, also the leisure activities in the form of jogging or bicycle riding with dog arouses the interest of owners.Ideally, this will provide both people and animals with fun and a welcome change in everyday life. In order not to damage the health of the four-legged friend, it is necessary..

31/07/2019 Views: 568

The right amount of food for your dog

The right amount of food is very important for the well-being of dogs. If the quadruped receives too little food, sooner or later it will be underweighted. If he eats too much, the dog becomes overweight. Both can have fatal consequences for the health of the animal and must therefore be avoided at all costs. How to determine the right amount of food for your dog and what factors play a role, we explain below. Overall recommendations on the amount of food for dogs In general, the manufact..

09/10/2019 Views: 566

The perfect sleeping place for your dog

Compared to humans, dogs need significantly more sleep and rest. Depending on the age of the four-legged friend, the need for rest and sleep can be as high as 20 hours a day.A suitable sleeping place is therefore of great importance for dogs. At the same time, the huge supply of dog beds makes it difficult for dog owners to make the right choice. We'll explain what's important and what to look out for in your dog's place to sleep.Take your time for the purchaseWhen looking for a dog bed for your..

02/07/2019 Views: 560


The Samoyed, partly also called Samoiedskaia Sabaka, is a medium-sized dog breed, which has its origin in Northern Siberia. From there the Samoyed was imported to England, where it was bred at the end of the 19th and beginning of the 20th century. The FCI leads the Samoyed in group 5.Characteristics of the SamoyedThe life expectancy of Samoyed is around 13 years. Male specimens reach a height of about 57 centimetres, while females are slightly smaller at about 53 centimetres. The breed standard ..

08/07/2019 Views: 543

How old do dogs get?

The dog is man's best friend and often accompanies its owner for many years. However, the age of a dog depends on several factors. What these are and what you as the owner can do for a long and healthy dog life is explained in this article.Large dogs usually die earlierHow old dogs can become depends to a large extent on their breed and size. In general, small dogs grow older and life expectancy decreases with the size and weight of the breed.Small dog breeds with a body weight of up to 15 ..

17/05/2019 Views: 500

Overview of common dog diseases

Of course dogs, like humans, can become ill. From allergies to joint problems to indigestion, there are countless dog diseases. The symptoms caused by them and the necessary treatment measures are as varied as the diseases themselves. The most common dog diseases include the following health problems: allergies eye diseases diseases of the metabolism joint diseases skin and coat problems infectious diseases organ diseases parasites indigestion dental problems ..

09/10/2019 Views: 476

Male or female dog: which dog fits better?

Male or female dog? Many prospective dog owners ask themselves this question. We would like to help you to make your decision and therefore we would like to introduce you to the differences between the two sexes in the following.What you should consider before buying a dogThe acquisition of a dog requires careful consideration. After all the four-legged friend will accompany you in the ideal case many years and will cost you much time and money. You should therefore be sure that you can actually..

19/07/2019 Views: 443

Cooling the dog: our tips for the summer

In summer, temperatures in Germany often rise to well over 30 degrees Celsius. On the one hand, this is a great bathing and holiday weather, but can also quickly become a burden.Because the heat does not only cause problems for humans, but also for dogs. In order to protect their four-legged friend, dog owners must therefore consider some things in the summer.In this article we explain why high temperatures are a serious danger. We will also show you how to cool your dog down.Why heat can be a p..

29/07/2019 Views: 440

Working dog examination: departments, performance levels and nutrition

The utility dog test is a work test, in which sporty guided four-legged friends prove their ability, as well as a performance test for the utility dog sport.  Until the year 2011, dog handlers could take the examination on a national level according to the regulations of the VDH. Until then it was called the eventing test for working dogs. Since 2012, however, there has been a uniform international examination regulation (IPO), which has been adopted by all member associations of..

27/11/2019 Views: 368