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Insect protein? But my dog needs real meat.

Insect protein for dogs

We want to support our customers as best as possible in the welfare of their dogs. For this reason, we generally refrain from any form of cereals in dog food, and instead attach great importance to a high meat content.

Our latest varieties, country estate and natural food feast, basically meet these requirements. However, there is one crucial difference:

They contain no meat!

Instead, we chose insect protein as the source of protein. Of course, we made this decision consciously on the basis of scientific facts.

Many of our customers are still unsure and even fear to harm their fur nose with our food.

Your questions: our answers

In the last few weeks, we have been repeatedly asked the same questions about our dog food with insect protein. We would like to discuss these in the following.

Do not dogs need real meat?

Every food contains certain nutrients. These can be subdivided into micronutrients (vitamins and minerals) as well as macronutrients (protein, carbohydrates and fats). Meat serves as a source of protein and fat in the feed. Insects provide your dog's body with these nutrients in the same quality, making conventional meat superfluous.

Is an additional feeding of meat necessary?

The Allergy Experts

Our varieties Landgut- (Manor) and Naturgut-Schmaus (Natural Heritage Feast) contain sufficiently high-quality proteins, which can use the body of your dog very well. An additional feeding of dog food with normal meat is therefore not necessary.

Is my dog ​​sufficiently supplied by the food?

After more than 20 years, we know exactly what makes healthy dog ​​nutrition. In developing our dog food with insect protein, we have set great store by satisfying the needs of the animals and containing all the necessary nutrients.

Do the insects get medications or antibiotics?

The use of medicines and antibiotics is widespread in livestock and is designed to ensure that no disease spreads among the animals. The larvae of the black soldier fly that we use for our food, however, do not get sick and therefore do without appropriate preparations.

Are pesticides used in breeding?

The same applies to the use of pesticides. These are not necessary for the breeding of insect larvae. It is therefore a completely natural raw material, which even brings advantages over conventional farm animals, such as poultry.

Dog food with insects

Insects in nutritional supplements

The larvae of the black soldier fly are not only used in our dog food with insect protein. They are also an important ingredient in our nutritional supplements, where they contribute greatly to their effectiveness. Responsible for this are above all the composition of the contained amino acids as well as the high content of lauric acid.

The amino acid profile of insect proteins

The exact composition of the proteins contained determines how well a particular source of protein can be utilized. Our insect protein contains a total of 18 amino acids. Among them are all the essential amino acids for the dog. It is therefore perfect as a substitute for normal meat and ensures optimal care of the animal.

Lauric acid

The saturated fatty acid lauric acid strengthens the immune system, helps fight bacteria and has an anti-inflammatory effect. With 31.5 percent (in pure insect oil even over 40 percent), our larvae have a very high proportion of this important fatty acid. This can make a valuable contribution to the health of your dog.


Dogs are undoubtedly carnivores. A vegan diet is therefore not recommended and can lead to serious health problems. This does not mean, however, that meat is needed in the traditional sense. As you can see, insects are a more than suitable substitute for poultry, lamb or beef.

Dietary supplements and dog food with insect protein provide your dog with all the necessary nutrients and provide him with high-quality protein and healthy fatty acids. At the same time the food is well digestible and has virtually no allergy potential. It is therefore also ideal as a complete food for particularly sensitive animals.

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