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Four good reasons for insects in dog food

Insects as protein source for dog food?

The Allergy Experts

That sounds, at least for us Europeans, rather unusual. Many of our customers are therefore, to put it mildly, at first sceptical when they hear about it for the first time.


Perhaps you are still unsure whether insect proteins are really a good choice for your dog. You may be worried that the food may damage your coat nose or not provide it with enough nutrients. 

We would like to take these concerns away from you. After all, there are good reasons why we have chosen insects as a source of protein for some of our products.

If you disregard the disgust we have acquired for a moment, it quickly becomes clear that there are some advantages to this. 

In this article you can read what motivated us to go down this path and why you should also give the unusual protein supplier a chance. 

Reason number 1: quality

Our insect protein contains 18 different amino acids. Among these are all 10 that are essential for dogs. Essential are all those amino acids which the body cannot produce itself and which must therefore be ingested through food.  

The complex amino acid profile makes the insect protein particularly valuable. This is because it ensures that it can be used very well by the dog's organism. This ensures that the dog's body is supplied with the best possible protein. 

This is of great importance for the health of skin and coat, the preservation of its musculature and a strong immune system. 

Four good reasons for insects

Reason number 2: tolerability

In addition to its quality, our insect protein is particularly well tolerated. Other animal protein sources, such as beef, can often lead to allergies.

However, as insect protein is hardly ever used in dog food, it has an extremely low allergy potential. The food is therefore also ideally suited for dogs with food allergies and particularly nutritionally sensitive animals that have problems with conventional protein sources. 

Reason number 3: sustainability

We at Bellfor don't just want to produce species-appropriate dog food. At the same time, it is also important to us to focus on sustainability during production. For this reason, we primarily use raw materials from the region for all our products. 

Nevertheless, the production of meat, even on short transport routes, is a major burden on the environment. After all, farm animals like cattle need a lot of space. Today, around three quarters of all agricultural land is already used directly or indirectly (for the cultivation of animal feed) for meat production. 

In addition, especially in cattle breeding, there is the high emission of greenhouse gases, which is ascribed a significant share of climate change.


Since the world population will continue to grow in the coming decades, the demand for meat, and thus the resulting environmental pollution, will also continue to rise. 

Pug and Landgut-Schmaus

Insects are the perfect alternative. They take up much less space and produce no greenhouse gases. The larvae of the black soldier fly that we use for our insect protein are frugal and feed exclusively on organic waste. Production waste can be used as fertilizer and thus fed into the natural cycle. 

Reason number 4: no antibiotics

In addition, the insects do not become ill. Thus the breeding is possible completely without antibiotics. Accordingly, no residues can be found in the food and thus get into the body of the dog. 


Granted. Insects as a source of protein initially sound risky. But as you can see, they offer some decisive advantages both for the environment and for your dog. See for yourself and try our insect protein supplements and dog food. We are sure that your fur nose will be thrilled.

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