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Dry food for growing dogs with insect protein - Landgut-Schmaus Junior by Bellfor Dog Food - 2,5 kg

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Shipping weight per piece: 2,500.00g

Healthy dry food for puppies and growing dogs

In order to ensure healthy growth in growing dogs, feeding according to their needs is essential. Bellfor Landgut-Schmaus Junior is perfectly suited for this purpose and enables you to provide your puppy with the best possible care right from the start.

What makes Landgut-Schmaus from Bellfor so special?

At Bellfor we have always placed great value on high product quality. This is because we are convinced that only a high quality food can optimally promote the health and well-being of dogs.

This is especially true for puppies and growing dogs. For this reason, Bellfor Landgut-Schmaus Junior contains only natural ingredients such as sweet potatoes and peas as well as insects as a wholesome and easily digestible source of protein.

Why you make a good choice with our dry food with insects for puppies

Intolerances and feed allergies have become a major problem in dogs in recent years, affecting countless quadrupeds. Bellfor Landgut-Schmaus Junior helps you to avoid this in your young dog right from the start.

This is because the insects we use as a protein supplier (black soldier fly) have practically no allergy potential, so that the food is also easily tolerated by dogs that are nutritionally sensitive and allergic.

Insect protein is easily digestible. It has a very high biological value and provides your dog with all essential amino acids. 

You can therefore rest assured that our dry food with insects will provide your puppy with the right amount of high-quality protein and all other necessary nutrients.

Species-friendly and sustainable: Landgut-Schmaus from Bellfor

With our insect-based dry food for puppies, you are not only opting for a healthy diet. With Bellfor Landgut-Schmaus Junior you also help to relieve the environment.

Because our insects only take up a small amount of space. What's more, they can be fed with vegetable waste and therefore no additional feed has to be grown to supply them.

Furthermore, the insects do not produce methane, which is harmful to the climate and is produced in huge quantities, especially in cattle breeding.

With our Landgut-Schmaus Junior, you are therefore relying on a high-quality dry food, with which you do something good for your growing dog as well as for the environment.

The biggest advantages of our dry food for puppies at a glance:

  • Made from natural ingredients and without cereals
  • With insects as a high-quality protein supplier
  • Easily digestible and hypoallergenic
  • Need-based formula for optimum nutrient supply
  • Ideal for puppies and growing dogs
  • complete feed with all necessary nutrients
  • Sustainable dry food for environmentally conscious dog owners

Please adapt the amount of food to the age, breed and workload of your dog. Distribute the amount of food over 2-3 meals per day and always provide fresh water.

Feeding instructions
expected final weightdog age in weeks age in months
from 4. from 6.from 8. from 10.from 4from 6 from 9
2,5 kg 35 g 50 g 65 g 70 g 70 g 65 g 65 g
5 kg 55 g80 g 100 g 110 g 120 g 115 g 110 g
7,5 kg 75 g 110 g 140 g 155 g 165 g 155 g 140 g
15 kg 100 g 145 g 190 g 220 g 250 g305 g 295 g
25 kg 105 g155 g 205 g 275 g 320 g 410 g 400 g
30 kg 110 g 170 g 225 g 280 g 430 g 450 g 445 g
35 kg 115 g 180 g 245 g 305 g 470 g 495 g 495 g
45 kg 140 g 200 g265 g340 g 530 g 580 g 580 g
60 kg 150 g 210 g270 g 535 g 590 g 690 g 850 g
80 kg 160 g 220 g 280 g 590 g 610 g 805 g 1000 g
 Analytical components per kg
 Crude protein 29,0 %
 Crude fat 18,5 %
 Crude fibre 6,0 %
 Crude ash 8,2 %
 Calcium 1,5 %
 Phosphorus 1,3 %
 Humidity 9 %
 FOS 200 mg
 EPA 0,1 %
 DHA 0,1 %
 Usable energy 3.450 kcal
 Nutritional-physiological additives per kg
 Copper (copper(II) sulphate pentahydrate) 3,5 mg
 Copper (glycine copper chelate hydrate) 1,5 mg
 Zinc (zinc sulphate, monohydrate) 45 mg
 Zinc (glycine zinc chelate hydrate) 20 mg
 Iron (iron(II) sulphate, monohydrate)  
 50 mg
 Iron (glycine iron chelate hydrate) 25 mg
 Manganese (manganese(II) oxide)  
 20 mg
 Manganese (glycine-manganese chelate hydrate)
 10 mg
 Iodine (calcium iodate, anhydrous)   
 1,5 mg
 Selenium (sodium selenite) 0,1 mg
 Nutritional-physiological additives per kg
 Vitamin A 18.000 IE
 Vitamin D3 1.800 IE
 Vitamin E 500 IE
 L-Carnitine 30 mg
 Taurine 1.000 mg

Insects, dried (Black Soldier Fly), sweet potatoes (dried), peas (dried), animal fat, pea protein, brewer's yeast, minerals, tomatoes (dried), carrots (dried), salmon oil, linseed oil, cranberry, inulin (source of FOS), yucca schidigera powder.


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