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Hypoallergenic Dry food with insect protein grain-free - Landgut-Schmaus Mini by Bellfor Dog Food - 2,5 kg

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Landgut-Schmaus Mini - Insects - Grain-Free (2.5kg)

As with all our products we put very much care in the development of Landgut-Schmaus. We have succeeded in producing a high-quality grain-free insect-based dog food.

Our Bellfor Landgut-Schmaus Mini has a very low purine content.

We are sure that your dog too, will love our Landgut-Schmaus. Especially the following product properties makes it a premium dog food for an appropriate diet.

  • Grain-free extruded dry dog food
  • Insect protein (82%) with high digestibility
  • Protein source with very low allergy potential
  • Sustainable dry dog food
  • Rich in natural vitamins, minerals (trace elements) and antioxidants
  • High content of Omega-3 fatty acids
  • Inulin (FOS) for a healthy and strong intestinal flora
  • Prebiotics increase the efficiency of the immune system
  • Food quality
  • Ideal for food sensitive dogs
  • Croquette of approximately 0,6-0,8 cm in size


Insects, dried (black soldier fly), sweet potatoes (ground), peas (ground), animal fat, peas starch, brewer‘s yeast, minerals, tomatoes (ground), carrots (ground), salmon oil, flax oil, cranberry, inulin (source for FOS), yucca schidigera powder.

Please adjust the amount of food to the age, breed and load of your dog. Distribute the amount of food over 2-3 meals per day and always provide fresh water.
Feeding instructions
Weight of dog 1–2 kg 2,5 –3 kg 3–4 kg 4–5 kg 5–6 kg 6–7 kg
Amount of feed per day 20 - 55 g 55 - 60 g 60 - 75 g 75 - 90 g
90 - 105 g
105 - 120 g

Nutrient analysis per kg:

basic values
Crude protein
28,0 %
Crude fat
18,0 %
Crute fibre
6,0 %
Crude ash
8,2 %
Calcium 1,5 %
Phosphorus 1,3 %
Moisture max. 9 %
EPA 0,1 %
DHA 0,1 %
Usable energy
3.450 kcal
200 mg
trace elements
Copper 3,5 mg
Copper-Chelat 1,5 mg
Zinc 45 mg
Zinc-Chelat 20 mg
50 mg
Iron-Chelat 25 mg
Manganese 20 mg
Manganese-Chelat 10 mg
1,5 mg

Vitamin A 18.000 IE
Vitamin D3 1.800 IE
Vitamin E 300 IE
amino acids
L-Carnitin 50 mg
Taurin 1.000 mg

Why we chose insects as our protein source

Mass livestock farming consumes huge resources and thus damages the environment. In addition, there is the excessive use of antibiotics to keep the animals healthy even in confined spaces.

And it is precisely at these two points that our insect-based cereal-free dog food comes into its own. For the breeding of the black soldier fly, which we use as a protein source, only one tenth as much energy is needed compared to cattle breeding.

In addition, neither the larvae nor the adult flies become ill. This enables us to do without antibiotics in breeding.

In addition, the insect proteins in our dog food have practically no allergy potential. Our Bellfor Landgut feast thus relieves the environment and offers your dog a healthy and tasty meal that he will love.

What are the advantages for the dog when fed with the insect proteins used in the Bellfor? 

The quality of the proteins used in the Bellfor is expressed by a complete amino acid profile. The more amino acids there are and the higher their content per kilogram, the better the quality of the proteins used.

Amino acids are the components of proteins. Plants, for example, contain only a few amino acids. Some types of meat also do not contain all amino acids.

The proteins obtained from the larvae of the black soldier fly, which we use for our Bellfor varieties, have a complete amino acid profile in a high concentration.

Over millions of years, insects have had to assert themselves against all environmental influences, resulting in a complete biosystem.

Since the larvae of the black soldier fly are able to convert the vegetable protein ingested by them through food into animal protein, the protein of the larva itself is of particularly high quality. Dogs can digest animal protein better and easier than vegetable protein.

Dogs are semi carnivores and therefore need high quality meat every day to meet their protein needs. Due to a short digestive tract, the dog has little time to process nutrients. Therefore the dog needs a high-quality protein source. Because the more high-quality the amino acid structure of the protein is, the lower is the danger that a dog gets allergic problems or problems in the gastrointestinal tract.

The larvae are bred and processed in the same farm. Thus the larvae are processed to protein in less than 5 minutes. This also has an enormous influence on the quality of the protein, as the BAI (Biogenic Amine Index) is thus well below the value of 1.

The BAI is an index that indicates the freshness of meat. The fresher the meat is, the lower this number is (

When fed with Bellfor Natural Feast (cold-pressed & grain-free) or Bellfor Farm Feast (extruded & grain-free) almost any allergy potential is excluded. Dogs with symptoms such as itching, leak dermatoses or diarrhoea can be helped with our new Bellfor varieties.

In addition, dogs fed Bellfor Naturgut Feast or Bellfor Landgut Feast have a shiny, soft coat and a firm bowel movement.

The dogs love to eat it and by feeding these two cereal-free Bellfor dog food varieties you contribute to sustainability and protect our environment.


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