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Leishmaniasis Set for dogs - Landgut-Menü 12x400g + Immune Powder 80g + Landgut-Happen 200g by Bellfor Dog Food

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Special Bellfor food set for dogs with leishmaniasis

Leishmaniasis is an infectious disease which is transmitted by the sand fly. It is widespread in dogs in southern Europe, and for affected four-legged friends, leishmaniasis is associated with prolonged suffering. Without treatment, the infection can even be fatal.

Depending on which medication is used to treat a dog with leishmaniasis, it may be necessary to ensure that the dog is fed a low-purine diet. We would like to support you in this and have therefore put together a special food set with low-purine products from our range.

The Bellfor saver set for dogs with leishmaniasis consists of our cold-pressed dry food Naturgut-Schmaus, our wet food Landgut-Menu, our grain-free Landgut-Happen soft snacks and our Bellfor Immun nutritional supplement to strengthen the immune system.

Why a low-purine diet is essential for dogs with leishmaniasis

Normally, leishmaniasis is incurable. However, the symptoms of the infectious disease can usually be alleviated significantly, so that a good quality of life is possible without too many restrictions.

Dogs with leishmaniasis are very often treated with allopurinol, a drug which prevents purines from being broken down in the dog's body. This leads to an increase in the uric acid level and the risk of bladder infections and the formation of urinary stones increases significantly. To avoid this, it is imperative to switch to low-purine dog food.

Our low-purine dog food with insect protein

The purine content of food can vary greatly. Foods that are particularly rich in purines include legumes, beef and offal. If your dog suffers from leishmaniasis, it is therefore important to avoid these products.

The insect protein derived from the larvae of Hermetia illucens (black soldier flies), on the other hand, contains very little purine and is of high quality. This makes it ideal for dogs that are being treated with allopurinol due to an infection with leishmaniasis.

Natural support for the immune system

A leishmaniasis infection puts a considerable strain on your dog's immune system. In addition to a low-purine diet, it can therefore make sense to support your four-legged friend's body's defences with a suitable food supplement.

For this reason, our special set for dogs with leishmaniasis includes Bellfor Immun. Thanks to its special composition of carefully selected raw materials, the natural preparation provides your dog with a variety of valuable nutrients that can help strengthen the immune system.

Our food set for dogs with leishmaniasis at a glance:

Why our products are a good choice for dogs with leishmaniasis

At Bellfor, we attach great importance to offering our customers high-quality and wholesome products for the optimal nutrition of their dogs. Of course, this also applies to our low-purine varieties.

Carefully selected raw materials and well thought-out recipes ensure excellent digestibility and an optimal supply of nutrients. The insect protein contained in our low-purine products contains all essential amino acids dogs need and is characterised by its high biological value. You can therefore be sure that you are providing your dog suffering from leishmaniasis with high-quality and easily digestible animal proteins with every single meal.

The main advantages of our varieties for dogs with leishmaniasis at a glance:

  • High-quality raw materials  
  • Free from artificial additives
  • A low-purine and hypoallergenic source of proteins
  • Optimal supply with protein
  • Suitable for all dog breeds
  • Tried and tested by many dog owners
  • Developed in collaboration with veterinarians

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