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Male or female dog: which dog fits better?

Male or female dog? Many prospective dog owners ask themselves this question. We would like to help you to make your decision and therefore we would like to introduce you to the differences between the two sexes in the following.

What you should consider before buying a dog

The acquisition of a dog requires careful consideration. After all the four-legged friend will accompany you in the ideal case many years and will cost you much time and money. You should therefore be sure that you can actually afford the four-legged friend and have enough time for his care.

Among the costs, which result for a dog, belong:

  • Acquisition costs (pedigree dogs often cost significantly more than 1,000 euros.)
  • Dog food (A species-appropriate nutrition is crucial for the health of the animal.)
  • Toys and accessories (e.g. feeding bowls, chewing toys and dog bed)
  • Veterinary costs (from vaccinations to treatment of diseases and operations)
  • Liability insurance and dog tax

In addition, it is of course also necessary to choose the appropriate breed of dog and make a decision regarding the sex (male or female) of the animal.

Male or female dog - visual differences

Male or female dog

Males and bitches naturally differ optically quite clearly from each other. In most breeds males normally become bigger and stronger, while bitches are usually smaller and have a slimmer physique. With long-haired dog-races, the males besides frequently have more, and/or longer fur.

Male or female dog - differences in character

Males are generally considered to be more dominant and headstrong, while bitches have a reputation for being particularly gentle and obedient. Although there are differences in character between the sexes, this is only partially true.

Character traits of males

Males are often true machos. They love to be admired and to get recognition. If this is the case, they prove to be extremely obedient and affectionate. Problems usually only arise when a person also acts as a macho in their environment.

Males mark its precinct

Males mark its alleged precinct and tend to a pronounced dominance-behavior under circumstances towards its male Artgenossen. This behavior corresponds to the nature of their ancestors, where the male animals were responsible for the defense of the herd and its territory, and/or it, as for example with wolves, still are.

To serious arguments, it doesn't come with the meeting of two dominant males in the normal case by the way. However, excessive marking can be quite annoying and is of course long not desired everywhere. For this reason it is important to teach a male dog at an early age where he is allowed to set his markings and where not.

Character traits of bitches

Bitches are gladly regarded as the weak sex, that always draws the shorter price compared to its male Artgenossen. However, this is a widespread misbelief. One recognizes this for example also in the fact that wolf packs are always led by a dominant female. Accordingly, males behave very peacefully and good-natured also with house-dogs opposite female animals in the normal case.

Bitches act tactically

Bitches are often more alert and concentrated than males. Usually they act tactically and deliberately and prefer to look for a person within their family (often a man) who represents their interests as well as possible.

Females do not normally use physical violence to demonstrate strength or to assert themselves. However, if there is a fight, it is usually serious (in contrast to males). By the way, there are bitches which are in no way inferior to males in terms of their dominance and are therefore difficult to keep and educate.

Bitches during the heat

Depending on the breed, bitches are in heat about twice a year. The heat is one of the arguments that many prospective dog owners argue against the purchase of a female dog.

During this phase, which lasts for several weeks, bitches often react bitchy towards other females and kittens. They can also try to run away, which is why it is hardly possible to let a bitch run free during the heat.

In addition there are blood stains, which the four-legged friend leaves in the apartment and which result in an increased expenditure for owners when cleaning. In addition, a so-called false pregnancy is possible a few weeks after the heat.

The mating behaviour of males

With regard to the combination-behavior, males differ very clearly from bitches. They are not only interested in the opposite sex for a few days, but all year round.

A lovesick male can sometimes make his owners desperate. Because it can happen that the four-legged friend does not want to eat anything anymore, cries constantly around and does not hear any more or even tries to run away.

Males and bitches castrate

Castration can prevent females from getting in heat and reduce interest in the opposite sex and excessive marking in males. Even if neutering does not replace your work in the upbringing of the four-legged friend, it can make living together with the dog at least a little easier.

Male or female dog - our conclusion


As you can see, there are some significant differences between males and females that you should consider when making your decision. However, the breed specific differences regarding the behaviour of the four-legged friends are often much more important than the sex of the animal.

Depending on the breed, bitches can also be very dominant and behave very territorially. For example, a female Doberman will certainly look more like a male than a male pug. This is quite simply due to the basic traits that have been bred to the respective dog breed over time.

Also be aware that the individual personality of each dog as well as the upbringing of the owner is important for his behaviour. It is therefore certain that both males and females are well educated and can be a faithful companion. What is important is that you take your dog as he is, that you can deal with him and that you pay sufficient attention to his upbringing.

Whether male or female - Bellfor supports you in the appropriate nutrition of your dog.

It doesn't matter whether you choose a male or a bitch. A species-appropriate nutrition is for the health and the well-being of your four-legged friend of crucial importance.

In our assortment you find high-quality dry and wet food, digestible dog snacks and natural food supplements, with which you can support the vitality of your dog.

Are you unsure what is important for the nutrition of your dog? Then the best thing to do is to use our online nutritionist and within a few moments you will be shown individual feeding recommendations for your dog.

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