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Dog Shampoo Vermin Health - against skin parasites in dogs by Bellfor Dog Food - 250ml

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Bellfor Vermin Health Shampoo: the natural solution against skin parasites in dogs

An infestation with parasites is extremely unpleasant for dogs and often associated with massive skin problems. With Bellfor Vermin Health you can gently counteract annoying skin parasites in your dog.

Skin parasites are common in dogs

Ectoparasites such as fleas and mites are common in dogs. Many owners therefore know from their own experience the discomfort that parasite infestations can cause dogs. In the warmer months of the year, ticks and the diseases they transmit also pose a serious threat to the health of dogs.

Conventional remedies against parasites often have risks

Effective parasite prophylaxis and prompt treatment of an existing infestation are very important for the health and well-being of your dog. Unfortunately, however, many preparations available for this purpose also pose a risk to the animal due to the active ingredients they contain.

In order to avoid unnecessary stress on your dog's organism due to chemical active ingredients, it therefore makes sense to rely on natural alternatives such as Bellfor Vermin Health Shampoo whenever possible.

Why you are right with Bellfor Vermin Health Shampoo

Bellfor Vermin Health Shampoo is a special care product made from natural ingredients. The chemical-free composition of the shampoo ensures optimal skin tolerance. At the same time, the special formula ensures high effectiveness against ticks, fleas and mites as well as their larvae and clutches.

The ingredients of our Vermin Health Shampoo include natural surfactants as well as selected oils and fats, such as insect fat, and margosa extract.

Insect fat: The insect fat extracted from the larvae of Hermetia illucens (black soldier fly) is characterised by its particularly high content of lauric acid. Lauric acid is a medium-chain fatty acid known for its repellent (deterrent) effect on ectoparasites. As a result, lauric acid plays a decisive role in counteracting skin parasites in an environmentally friendly and skin-friendly way.

Margosa extract: Margosa extract is obtained from components of the neem tree. However, it is not neem oil, but a completely different natural substance. Similar to lauric acid, margosa extract also has a strong repellent effect on vermin such as mites, ticks and fleas. The high-quality, natural extract thus also makes a decisive contribution to Bellfor Vermin Health Shampoo reliably counteracting infestations with skin parasites.

Combat skin parasites with natural active ingredients

Rely on the proven effectiveness of our natural shampoo to fight ectoparasites. Carefully selected ingredients ensure optimal effectiveness without exposing your dog to additional risks from chemical products.

The most important advantages of Bellfor Vermin Health Shampoo at a glance:

  • Fragrance- and chemical-free composition
  • With high-quality, caring ingredients
  • Environmentally friendly and gentle on the skin
  • Proven effectiveness thanks to lauric acid and margosa extract
  • Easy to use
  • Reliable against ticks, mites and fleas

Olive oil, lactose, coconut oil, natural surfactants, emulsifier, insect fat, honey, glycerin, margosa extract, argan oil, neoi, rosemary oil, lavender oil, vitamin E, aqua.

Apply the shampoo to the previously moistened coat, massage evenly and rinse. Repeat this process, leaving the shampoo on for 5 to 10 minutes before rinsing thoroughly with clean water. Start with two applications per week, which you can then reduce to one application per week.

Avoid the mouth and eye area.

Use externally only.

Shake before use!


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