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Coat care for dogs - Shiny Dog Shampoo for shiny coat by Bellfor Dog Food - 250ml

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Bellfor dog shampoo Shiny for a shiny coat

Ideally, dogs should only have a bath if there is no other way to remove dirt from their fur, since frequent baths pose an unnecessary strain on their skin and fur. Our dog shampoo for a shiny coat is perfectly suited for this purpose, since it is free from chemicals and gentle on the skin.

Optimal grooming with the appropriate dog shampoo

If you have to give your dog a bath, you must not use your own shampoo. The ingredients of conventional shampoos can lead to unpleasant skin irritations and can damage the natural protective layer of the skin and fur.

Instead, opt for a suitable product, such as our Shiny dog shampoo for a shiny coat, which can be used to clean your four-legged friend's fur thoroughly, without the risk of developing problems like irritations or intolerances.

What makes our dog shampoo for a shiny coat special

Just like our dog food, our dog shampoo is also free from chemicals. Instead, we only use natural surfactants and other carefully selected ingredients, which ensure particularly gentle cleansing. 

Fun, gentle bathing for your dog

You can have confidence that our dog shampoo for a shiny coat will easily remove all dirt and impurities from your dog's fur, while its high-quality ingredients such as olive oil and honey keep the skin of your four-legged friend moisturised and give its coat a dazzling shine after the bath.

The main advantages of our dog shampoo for a shiny coat at a glance:

  • Outstanding skin-friendliness
  • Free from artificial fragrances or other chemicals
  • Easy to apply
  • Ideal formula for a shiny coat
  • Developed for gentle grooming
  • Chemicals free

Olive oil, glycerin, sea salt, neo, emulsifier, apple cider vinegar, vitamin E, lactose, honey, aqua, natural surfactants, lemongrass.

Wet the dog's coat with warm water. Then gently massage a small portion of the shampoo into the coat until foam is visible. Leave on for 2 minutes and then rinse thoroughly.

Avoid mouth and eye area. Only use externally. Shake before use!

Note: store in a cool and dry place.


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