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Order dog food online - this is how to buy food on the Internet

Order dog food online

More and more people order their dog food online. After all, this is not only convenient, but in many cases also particularly inexpensive. Apart from that, there is an enormous selection of dog food available online, which probably no retail store can offer.

If you order your dog food online, you have the possibility to buy exactly the right food for your dog and to meet the nutritional needs of the four-legged friend optimally.

What you have to pay attention to when buying food on the Internet and how Bellfor can help you choose the right variety is explained below.

Buying dog food online: good quality is a must

With a feeding according to your needs you make an indispensable contribution to a long and healthy dog life.

After all, a balanced diet with high-quality dog food is a decisive factor for the well-being and health of your four-legged friend. Of course, this applies not only in the local supermarket, but also when you order your dog food online. However, although buying online makes things a lot easier, choosing the right food can sometimes be difficult.

Because despite all the convenience and your possible desire to save some money, you should always bear in mind that by far not every dog food available online meets the requirements for a species-appropriate dog nutrition.

Before you order a particular dog food online, you should therefore make sure that the product of your choice is of good quality and provides your dog with all the important nutrients in a digestible way.

If you want to order a good dog food online, pay particular attention to the following quality characteristics:

  • The dog food of your choice should not contain any artificial additives.
  • Avoid dog food with vegetable and animal by-products.
  • Avoid dog food that contains cereals.
  • Food containing gluten-free cereals such as corn and rice is suitable for physically active dogs.
  • The food should have a content of high-quality animal proteins that meets the dog's needs.
  • Vegan dog food is not a recommended alternative.
  • Only order dog food online if the exact composition is clearly visible.

Order high quality dog food online

Do not make any compromises when buying dog food and rely on the proven quality of Bellfor for the well-being of your dog. After all, a healthy dog food allows you to feed your dog in a manner appropriate to his species and helps you to reliably prevent unnecessary problems such as digestive disorders.

Food for dogs with feeding allergies

You can order Bellfor dog food directly in our online shop. You will find numerous different varieties in our assortment. We offer both cereal-free wet food and dry food for dogs of all breeds.

So you can be sure that you will find everything from the Chihuahua to the Great Dane and that the individual needs of your four-legged friend will be optimally met with the dog food you order from us.

Our quality promise for your online order

Dog food from Bellfor is basically free of artificial additives. We do not use any plant or animal by-products to reduce the production costs. Instead, we rely on high-quality raw materials in food quality. Bellfor dog food contains selected animal protein sources such as lamb, chicken or fish as well as digestible carbohydrate suppliers in the form of potatoes, fruit and vegetables. We also offer gluten-free dry food with rice and maize for dogs that are active in sports.

Order Bellfor dog food online and you can be sure that your dog receives exactly the nutrients he actually needs. We are sure that your dog will love his new food.

Order hypoallergenic dog food online

In recent years, there are more and more dogs with food allergies. For affected animals this is usually associated with a massive reduction in quality of life. This is because allergic reactions cause numerous complaints such as digestive problems, skin irritation and itching.

In most cases, feed allergies are triggered by certain animal proteins. In order to get the symptoms under control, it is therefore necessary to switch to a hypoallergenic dog food.

Instead of relying on products with hydrolysed protein or other inferior protein sources, we recommend that you order your hypoallergenic dog food from Bellfor. This is because our allergy food for dogs contains particularly easily digestible insect protein.

Insect protein is characterized by a high biological value and outstanding digestibility. For your quadruped this has the advantage that the symptoms of feed allergy reliably disappear and at the same time he is optimally supplied with protein.

Order dog food with the online nutritional advisor

In our online shop, quality-conscious dog owners will find everything they need to feed their dog according to their needs. However, the individual needs of a dog can vary considerably depending on breed, age and state of health.

In order to help you choose the right products, we have therefore developed an online nutritional advisor that you can use when ordering dog food. This easy-to-use tool shows you within a few moments which products are recommended based on your dog's individual situation.

Order dog food after a telephone consultation with an expert

It is important to us that we support you as a customer in ordering the right dog food. For this reason you have the possibility to contact us in advance by telephone at any time.

Our experts will be happy to answer your questions about our products, help you with individual problems with feeding your dog and, if you wish, take your order.

Dog with Landgut-Menu

Of course, the consultation is absolutely non-binding and you will not incur any costs (apart from possible landline charges of your telephone provider).

Ordering dog food online has many advantages

As you can see, ordering dog food online has many advantages. In our shop you not only benefit from a convenient and reliable delivery to your desired address. Furthermore, we support you both online and by telephone in buying the right food.

So you can be sure that you always order the right products for your four-legged friend and that the dog food of your choice fits perfectly to the needs of the respective dog.

But it is best if you convince yourself. Order your dog food online and in the future you can trust Bellfor to provide you with a species-appropriate diet.

Now collect food for your dog!

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