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Program for Friends

New: 5 percent discount on your next order!

With our dog food and supplements we only pursue one goal. We want as many dogs as possible to be fed in the right way and live a long and healthy life.

There is still a long way to go

Unfortunately, low-quality and unhealthy food still dominates in the diet of most pets. Convincing dog owners of the importance of high-quality dog ​​food is often a difficult task. But one thing is clear. Quality has its price, but not everybody wants to pay for it. A lower price of dog food means a low quality and cost of raw materials for it, and this saving, unfortunately, comes at the expense of the health of dogs, and many dog owners do not know about it.

We think it's time to change that and we need your support.

Help us with our mission

Are you convinced of our work and our products? Then help us to make Bellfor better known. Take part in our campaign "Program for Friends "! Recommend our products to your friends and receive a 5% discount on your next order.

Your recommendation pays twice

Besides, we do not just reward you for your recommendation. Your friend also receives a 10% discount on their first order as a thank you for the trust in our products. So your recommendation pays twice and also makes another dog happy. We look forward to your participation in our campaign.

Participation in our customer advertises customer program:

  • After your order, a link will be displayed on the home page;
  • You can share it with your friends or send it directly;
  • If a friend buys a Bellfor product through this link, your friend will receive a 10% discount;
  • You will receive an e-mail with a coupon code of 5%;
  • This coupon can be used for your next order.
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