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High-quality Immun Pulver (Immune Powder) Junior for puppies by Bellfor Dog Food - 50g

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Bellfor Immune Junior - strengthens your puppy's immune system

Like humans, dogs have an immune system that protects them against pathogens. The immune system consists of a large number of different cells that work together to prevent pathogens from causing infections. Puppies and young dogs do not yet have a pronounced immune system like adult dogs.

Therefore, our Bellfor Immune Junior can be fed in powder form to support puppies. It can be mixed with lukewarm water to a porridge with Bellfor Wiesen-Schmaus (Meadow Feast Junior). Bellfor Immune Junior should be fed daily for 10-15 days after puppy feeding. In addition, it can be given in diarrhea and after illness in a period of up to 4 weeks.

Crude protein
Crude fat12.7%
Crude fibre

Crude ash


Insect protein, stinging nettle seed, sea buckthorn, rosehip, propolis

Dogs up to 2 kg
1 measuring spoon
Dogs from 2 kg to 4 kg
2 measuring spoons
Dogs from 4 kg to 6 kg 
3 measuring spoons
Dogs from 6 kg to 8 kg 
4 measuring spoons
Dogs from 8 kg to 10 kg
5 measuring spoons

The measuring spoon (approx. 1g) is supplied with the product.


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