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Puppy food in the economy set - Landgut-Menu Junior 6x400g + Immune Junior 50g + 1 Jute bag by Bellfor Dog Food

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£25.63 £34.01
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£25.63 £34.01
1.05 £ / 100 g

Appropriate Bellfor puppy food in the economy set

Feeding according to requirements is of crucial importance for the healthy development of a dog puppy. With the high-quality products from Bellfor, you can provide your growing four-legged friend with all the important nutrients he needs.

Tasty wet food for young dogs

The quality of the food is particularly important for puppies. In addition, their nutritional needs differ in some respects from those of their adult counterparts. For this reason, it is essential that you provide your puppy with a suitable puppy food.

If you want to use wet food for this purpose, we recommend Bellfor Landgut-Menu Junior. This is a grain-free dog food based on insects. The use of insects (black soldier flies) as a source of protein ensures that the food is particularly well tolerated and is also easily tolerated by nutritionally sensitive young dogs.

At the same time, insect protein is characterised by a particularly high biological value and excellent digestibility. You can therefore be sure that your puppy is optimally supplied with proteins that he urgently needs for his growth.

Natural support for the immune system

The immune system is not yet fully developed in young dogs. This is noticeable, among other things, when a puppy feels stressed and therefore directly suffers from digestive problems.

For this reason, we recommend a dietary supplement with Bellfor Immune Junior for growing dogs. This natural preparation contains a special combination of selected ingredients, such as propolis, rose hip and field horsetail, which provide your little quadruped with valuable nutrients to support the immune system.

Buy healthy food for puppies in the economy pack

From the first day on you can rely on a healthy diet and thus lay the foundation for a long and vital dog life. In order to support you in this, we have put together a savings set with food for puppies.

The set consists of our wet food Landgut-Menu Junior and Bellfor Immune Junior and is available in our online shop at a special price. In addition, you will receive a discount voucher for 10 percent as a small thank you gift with your order, which you can redeem with your next purchase.

Our economy set with wet food for puppies at a glance:


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