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Puppy set for small breeds - Freiland-Schmaus Junior 2,5 kg + Freiland-Happen 200g + Immune Powder Junior 50g by Bellfor Dog Food

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High quality Bellfor puppy food for small breeds

There is a lot to consider when feeding puppies. Because without species-appropriate puppy food, health problems are practically inevitable. In the worst case a faulty puppy feeding leads even to lasting damage, with which the four-legged friend has to fight his life long.

In order to prevent this, high-quality puppy food is indispensable as support for health and growth.

Which puppy food is suitable for small breeds?

Young dogs are growing. Small breed puppies therefore also have a high energy requirement, which needs to be met with the right puppy food. 

At the same time, it is essential to provide the young animal with the right nutrients in the right quantity. Otherwise, problems can arise during growth or even permanent malformations.

We recommend our outdoor feast Junior as puppy food for small breeds. The high-quality dog food for puppies contains no grain and has a high meat content of 70 percent. It provides your young dog optimally with all nutrients and is ideal as puppy food for small breeds.

In addition, we recommend our cereal-free outdoor snacks as a healthy reward for puppy training. The small snacks contain 50 percent meat and are exactly the right size for puppies.

Puppy food to support the immune system

The immune system in puppies is not yet fully developed. Young dogs are therefore particularly susceptible to infections and other diseases. To counteract this, it can be useful to use a suitable dietary supplement for strong defenses.

Bellfor Immune Junior provides your puppy with important amino acids as well as numerous micronutrients and can thus make a valuable contribution to strengthening the immune system already in the first days after moving in.

Buy best puppy food for small breeds at a special price

With a species-appropriate puppy feeding you lay the foundation for a long and healthy dog life. We would like to support you. For this reason, we have laced an economy set with puppy food for small breeds for you.

The set consists of Freiland-Schmaus Junior, grain-free Freiland-Happen with Chicken and Bellfor Immune Powder Junior. Buy your puppy food from us and trust in the usual high quality of Bellfor.

Our puppy food saving kit for small breeds at a glance:


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