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Puppy set for large breeds - Wiesen-Schmaus Junior 4 kg + Freiland-Happen 200g + Joints & Bones Soft-Happen 200g by Bellfor Dog Food

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High quality puppy food for large breeds from Bellfor

Puppies have special nutritional needs. If these are not taken into account during feeding, this can lead to numerous health problems and may even cause permanent damage. 

In order to support the growth and health of young dogs from an early age, it is therefore essential to feed them the best possible puppy food.

Which puppy food is good for large breeds?

Large-breed puppies grow particularly fast. When feeding puppies, it is therefore important to cover the high energy requirements of the small four-legged friends. 

At the same time, it is important to provide the young dogs with all the necessary nutrients in the right quantity. If this is not successful, serious malformations of the bones and the musculoskeletal system can occur.

We recommend to use a cold-pressed puppy food such as our Wiesen-Schmaus Junior for young animals of large breeds. Cold pressed dry food has the advantage that it does not swell so much in your dog's stomach. This reduces the risk of a life-threatening rotation of the stomach, which is particularly common in large dog breeds.

At the same time, thanks to its high meat content of 74 percent, Wiesen-Schmaus Junior provides your puppy with valuable proteins that he urgently needs for his growth. In addition, the absence of cereals and the use of easily digestible carbohydrate sources such as potatoes, sweet potatoes and peas ensure optimum compatibility of the puppy food.

As a small motivation aid for puppy education, we recommend our outdoor snacks with 50 percent meat. The healthy dog snacks are free of grain and are the ideal size for young dogs.

Puppy food to promote joint health

Large dog breeds tend to develop joint problems. In order to counteract this from the very beginning, it can be useful even in puppy age to expand the diet to include a suitable dietary supplement. 

Bellfor Joints & Bones in the form of tasty Soft Bites is ideal for this purpose. Because the small treats contain the innovative active substance Ovopet, which supplies the joints of your quadruped among other things with collagen and hyaluronic acid and can make a valuable contribution to an optimal development of the musculoskeletal system.

Buy best puppy food for big breeds from Bellfor

A species-appropriate puppy feeding is essential for a healthy growth of your young dog and lays the foundation for a long dog life. In order to support you, we have put together a special set of puppy food for large breeds. 

Buy our economy set of Wiesen-Schmaus Junior, Freiland-Happen as well as Bellfor Joints & Bones Soft-Happen at a special price and put your money on puppy food in the usual Bellfor quality.

Our puppy food set for large breeds at a glance:


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