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Reducing hair loss in dogs: this is how it works


Each dog loses a certain amount of hair every day, depending on their breed. This is normal and no cause for concern. Usually new hair grows every day as a replacement.

However, it can also be that the hair loss goes beyond the normal level, the coat becomes thinner and even blemishes over time.

If this is the case, you should search for causes and take appropriate countermeasures. This article will tell you what excessive hair loss in dogs can be and what you can do about it.

Possible causes of hair loss

Most breeds change their coat twice a year to adapt to the different temperatures in summer and winter. If it is just time for the coat change, the cause of the severe hair loss is so quickly found.

But even outside the coat change, hair loss can occur for a variety of reasons. This can be triggered, among other things, by diseases and parasites. After successful treatment, the hair usually grows back up quickly.

In addition, kidney problems can lead to problems with the skin and coat and cause hair loss. In this case, a detoxification of the kidneys is advisable.

Often the loss of the coat also simply indicates a lack of nutrients. Because the fur nose does not get certain substances, they are missing them for a healthy coat.

Such a defect is usually caused by inferior food. Incidentally, this includes improper baring. Similarly, a heavy physical load, such as pregnancy, can lead to a lack of nutrients.

Proteins for the hair

For the most part, hair is made up of proteins. For this reason, a sufficient supply of protein for a healthy coat is particularly important. Therefore, only use high-quality food with the highest possible content of animal proteins. This will ensure that your dog has sufficient building materials for his coat.

Also, avoid dog food with artificial additives and grains. This reduces the risk of intolerance and thus additionally reduces the likelihood of problems with the skin and coat.

Dietary supplement for hair loss

In addition to good dog food, using a dietary supplement can help reduce fur loss. For hair loss, we recommend using Skin & Fur as a supplement to Bellfor.

Skin & Coat and Pug

The natural dietary supplement provides your dog with high-quality proteins from the larvae of the black soldier fly. The insect proteins contain all the essential amino acids and are particularly compatible. In addition, the body of the dog can use it very well.

This makes Bellfor Skin & Fur perfect for ensuring protein supply and preventing hair loss.

However, Bellfor Skin & Fur does not just contain a high quality source of protein. Other ingredients such as brewer's yeast additionally support the effect. Brewer's yeast, for example, thanks to its high content of biotin, folic acid and zinc, ensures that the coat shines beautifully and becomes more resistant.

With Bellfor Skin & Fur you support your dog in grooming from the inside. The special combination of natural ingredients ensures good compatibility and at the same time provides effective relief against hair loss.

Try it and see for yourself.

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