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Why creams often have no effect on scaly skin in dogs

Bellfor Nierenkraft

Your dog suffers from scaly skin and itching? Then you should read this article carefully. The following will tell you why you need to take these symptoms seriously. We'll explain why they often have deeper causes and what you can do about them. 

An often overlooked cause

In the case of scaly skin, it is reasonable to assume that these are simply problems with the skin. Accordingly, dog owners often resort to creams and ointments to get the symptoms under control. 

However, in many cases this does not lead to the desired results. Because the treatment from the outside cares for the affected areas. However, it does not eliminate the actual cause of the problems.

Scaly skin does not necessarily indicate a skin problem in the true sense. The actual cause may well be found in a completely different place. Among other things, kidney problems can become noticeable in this way. 

The kidneys: indispensable for health

It is the task of the kidneys to filter out toxins and remove them from the body. The organ performs at its best every day. 

And normally this is not a problem. However, external influences, such as residues of drugs, pesticides or food, can impair the functioning of the kidneys. 

As a result, filtration no longer functions properly and more pollutants are deposited in the body of the fur nose. 

This affects the dog's health in a variety of ways and then becomes noticeable through rather unspecific symptoms such as flaky skin, itching or hair loss. In some breeds, such as the Maltese, kidney problems often lead to watery eyes. 

Possible consequences of kidney diseases

If the kidney problems are ignored for too long, this can have serious consequences and permanently affect your dog's life. In the worst case, kidney failure will eventually result. As a result, the concentration of toxins in your dog's body will continue to increase and eventually lead to death. 

How you can relieve the kidneys

If your dog has symptoms such as itching or scaly skin, it is advisable to pay some attention to his kidneys and help them detoxify. 

Special herbs can help the kidneys to get back to normal soon. Bellfor Kidney Power is a preparation which consists of exactly such herbs.

Thanks to a combination of horsetail, birch leaves, bearberry leaves, parsley, marshmallow root, goldenrod, nettle seed, artichoke and ginger, Bellfor Kidney Power offers the ideal active ingredient complex to gently detoxify the kidneys. 

Kidney power helps to gently remove harmful substances from the body and relieve the strain on the kidneys. After application, complaints such as scaly skin usually disappear by themselves. 


If you suspect problems with the kidneys, you should act immediately. Otherwise, permanent damage may result. 

You must remember that kidney problems are difficult to detect. Even a blood test can only provide clarity if the damage to the kidneys is already well advanced. 

We recommend that you give your dog kidney strength twice a year. In this way, you are on the safe side and can enjoy a better skin appearance in addition to healthy kidneys.

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