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Premium Hundefutter ohne Getreide

Hypoallergenic Deal no. 10 - Landgut-Menü (Farm Menu with insect protein) 2x 6x400 g + (Nierenkraft Pulver) Kidney strength powder 80g from Bellfor Dog Food

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Bellfor economy set for dogs with kidney problems and struvite stones

Kidney problems and urinary stones are common in dogs. Nutrition plays a crucial role in their development. For this reason we have put together a special food set for affected dogs.

Renal insufficiency can be fatal for dogs

The kidneys are a vital filtering organ. They remove metabolic waste products and harmful substances from the blood and ensure that these are removed from the body with the urine.

If the functioning of the kidneys is impaired, this is known as renal insufficiency. If no timely countermeasures are taken, the damage to the tissue progresses further and further and, in the worst case, the dog dies of fatal kidney failure.

Dogs with kidney failure require a food with an overall slightly lower protein content. At the same time, it is important that the proteins contained are of a particularly high quality. This is the only way to ensure that the dog with kidney failure receives a sufficient supply.

Urinary stones are painful and dangerous

Urinary stones are formed from deposits of mineral-containing crystals. They can get stuck in the bladder, the urethra or even the kidneys. In dogs, these are often struvite stones, which consist mainly of phosphorus and magnesium.

Struvite stones result from a combination of insufficient fluid intake and an excessive mineral content in the food. In addition, their formation is often promoted by the increased pH value in the urine during a bladder infection.

Dogs with struvite stones require a food with an adapted mineral content and a low PH value. It is also important to treat any urinary tract infections that may be present and to ensure that the four-legged friend drinks enough.

The ideal food for dogs with kidney problems and struvite stones

We recommend feeding dogs with kidney problems and struvite stones with Bellfor Landgut menu. This tasty wet food contains insects as a protein supplier. Insect protein provides your dog with all essential amino acids.

The innovative protein source is characterised by a high biological value and easy digestibility. This makes our Landgut-Menu the ideal food for dogs with kidney problems.

In addition, the food contains an adapted mineral content. Together with a low PH value of 5.5, the Bellfor Landgut-Menu is the perfect choice for dogs with struvite stones.

Bellfor Landgut-Menu - ideal for dogs with kidney problems and struvite stones

  • PH level: 5.5
  • Magnesium: 0,05
  • Sodium: 0,02
  • Potassium: 0,03 %.
  • Purine: 0,0043 %

Bellfor Kidney Strength promotes detoxification

In addition to switching to our easily digestible country estate menu, we recommend a dietary supplement with Bellfor Kidney Strength for dogs with struvite stones and kidney problems.

Bellfor Kidney Strength is a high-quality herbal mixture that promotes the natural detoxification processes of the kidneys and thus helps to relieve the vital filter organ.

Our economy set for dogs with kidney problems and struvite stones at a glance:


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