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Hypoallergenic dry food in a pet food set for large dogs from Bellfor Dog Food

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Hypoallergenic dry food in a pet food set for large dogs

If your dog is affected by a feed allergy, this means a considerable restriction on his well-being and quality of life. In order to support you in feeding your allergic dog according to his needs, we have put together a special economy set for you.

The food set with hypoallergenic dry food, cereal-free soft bites and our two food supplements Bellfor Immune and Bellfor Kidney Strength is perfectly suited for large dogs.

Feed allergies are increasingly becoming a problem

By now, almost every second dog is likely to suffer from a feed allergy or feed intolerance. As a result, affected animals suffer from numerous complaints.

The typical symptoms of an allergy to dog food include digestive problems such as diarrhoea and vomiting, hair loss and itching, and ear infections.

Hypoallergenic dry food for large dogs

To counteract the allergic reactions in your dog, you must consistently avoid the allergenic food components. The best way to do this is with our hypoallergenic insect-based dry food.

The food contains over 80 percent easily digestible insect protein and is also free of artificial additives and cereals. Thanks to the gentle cold pressing process, the hypoallergenic dry food is perfectly suited for large dogs that are naturally more prone to stomach twisting.

Light dog snacks for allergic dogs

Of course your dog, despite his food allergy, will appreciate an occasional treat. However, in order not to jeopardise the success of the change of food, it is important that you only use hypoallergenic dog snacks.

With our insect-based country estate snacks you are therefore in the right place. These tasty treats are ideal as a light snack between meals or as support during training and dog sports.

Natural support for the immune system

Allergic reactions to components of the food are an enormous strain on your dog's immune system in the long run. In order to avoid additional problems, you should therefore support your dog's immune system.

For this reason, our set of hypoallergenic dry food for large dogs contains Bellfor Immune. Because this natural food supplement can make a valuable contribution to strengthening the immune system.

Effective support for the kidneys

The kidneys are a vital filter organ that is exposed to large amounts of harmful substances due to feed allergies and intolerances. In the long run, this can lead to an overload.

In order to avoid this, the feeding set with Bellfor Kidney Strength contains a special herbal mixture with which you can effectively support the natural detoxification processes of the kidneys of your four-legged friend.

As experience with thousands of dogs has already shown, possible complaints can be counteracted very reliably and the functionality of the kidneys can be optimally promoted.

Our food set with hypoallergenic dry food for large dogs at a glance:


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