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Dietary supplements for dogs with Shiitake - Shiimun Slim by Bellfor Dog Food - 50g

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Shiimun Slim - natural diet powder for slim and vital dogs

Overweight is unfortunately widespread in dogs. It is therefore very important that you make sure that your dog loses weight and returns to normal weight as soon as possible.

To help you do this, we have developed Shiimun Slim, an easily digestible diet powder made from natural ingredients.

Overweight in dogs and its consequences

If a dog is too fat, this not only leads to a significantly poorer quality of life, but in many cases also to a shorter life expectancy.

To spare your four-legged friend all this, a well thought-out diet with a healthy dog food and suitable supplements such as Shiimun Slim is indispensable.

Why Shiimun Slim is ideal as a dietary support

When developing our products, we have always placed great emphasis on high quality and good compatibility of the ingredients we use. This also applies to our diet powder Shiimun Slim.

The perfectly balanced composition of carefully selected natural ingredients makes Shiimun Slim the ideal companion for your dog's diet.

Flea seed husks (50%)

Psyllium husks swell strongly in the dog's stomach and thus provide a better feeling of satiety. They also support the intestinal flora and thus reduce the absorption of the calories contained in the food. In addition, the high fibre content of psyllium husks helps to regulate blood sugar levels.

Shiitake powder (25%)

The shiitake is sometimes called the king of medicinal mushrooms. The consumption of the mushroom is associated with a variety of positive effects on health.

Shiitake powder is therefore the perfect ingredient for Shiimun Slim and naturally helps your dog to lose weight.

Maitake powder (15%)

The maitake has been valued in Japan and China as an edible and medicinal mushroom for more than 5,000 years. In the meantime, the effect of the mushroom, also known as common rattle sponge, has been the subject of numerous studies.

Due to its numerous valuable nutrients, maitake as an ingredient in Shiimun Slim can make a valuable contribution to healthy and sustainable weight reduction.

Nettle herb (5%)

Nettle herb has a purifying and draining effect and also boosts fat metabolism. As an ingredient in our diet powder for dogs, it is therefore a must.

Spirulina (2%)

The spirulina contained in Shiimun Slim is characterised by its high protein content and thus helps to prevent your dog's attacks of ravenous appetite with a strong satiating effect.

Insect protein (2%)

Our insect protein from the larvae of the black soldier fly (Hermetia illucens) is characterised by its excellent digestibility and makes our diet powder particularly tasty for your dog. It also contains the polyaminosaccharide chitosan, known as a fat blocker.

With Shiimun Slim your dog gets back into shape

Our diet powder is characterised by its unique composition. Instead of feeding your dog a dietary food that contains too little fat and protein, with Shiimun Slim you choose an effective dietary supplement for losing weight.

We recommend supplementing your dog with Shiimun Slim in the following situations:

  • Generally for overweight dogs of all breeds
  • For castrated animals, which are known to be particularly often overweight

The four-week course of treatment, combined with a five percent reduction in the amount of food, ensures rapid and sustained weight loss and plays a key role in helping your dog return to his ideal weight soon.

50% psyllium husk, 25% shiitake (ground), 15% maitake (ground), 5% nettle herb (ground), 3% spirulina (powder), 2% insect protein (black soldier fly larva, powder).

You should first take the medicine for a period of four weeks. In combination with a five percent reduction in the amount of food and an additional round of walking, Shiimun Slim ensures rapid and lasting weight loss and makes a decisive contribution to your dog soon returning to his ideal weight.

Add 20 ml of water per application spoon (AL) and allow to swell for 5 minutes.

From 30 kg weight: 1 AL per 5 kg extra.

One application spoon corresponds to approx. 1g


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