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Our Bellfor team of experts: Science - natural medicine - practice

Bellfor dog food, nutritional supplements and snacks for dogs are subject to Bellfor’s stringent requirements. These are:

  • Excellent quality of raw materials used
  • The proven effectiveness of the products
  • Appropriate, healthy and wholesome for the dog
  • Tried and tested in practice
  • Environmentally friendly and sustainable
  • In accordance with animal welfare

Our team of experts is responsible for the implementation of these high demands on our products. From the idea and the development to the practice test and finally the presentation of a new product.

Dog training

Silke Kessler - Bellfor Dog Trainer

Silke Kessler worked as a dogwalker for many years. In 2018, she decided to train as a certified dog trainer, which she successfully completed in 2019. This was followed by constant further and advanced training. She was allowed to get to know both sides, working directly with dogs and working with people. Her focus is on relationship work, mutual trust, orientation and leadership, "Sit, down, heel, anyone can do it, a respectful relationship cannot be conditioned like a command, but it is the most valuable thing in a dog-human team," says Silke.

Her topic: Dog training

Hobbies: Her family, her dogs, walks, mantrailing (with her dogs)


Laura Meyer - Veterinarian

Studied veterinary medicine at the veterinary University of Hannover from October 2010 to March 2017.

During her studies, Ms. Meyer was a research assistant at the Institute of Physiology at the Veterinary University of Hannover for one year.

During her practical year, Ms Meyer completed her internship with Professor Kamphues at the Institute for animal nutrition at the veterinary University Hannover.

Ms Meyer has been working on her doctorate under Professor Kamphues at the Institute for animal nutrition at the Veterinary University Hannover since May 2017.

Her topic: Dog nutrition

Hobbies: riding (Icelandic horses), dogs (two Leonbergers), Badminton


Milva Mazziotti - Veterinary naturopath, nutritionist, homeopath

1999 training as a homeopath and veterinary naturopath.

Study of holistic veterinary medicine from 2002 to 2006.

Focus is the musculoskeletal system and natural medicine.


Milva Mazziotti

Breeder of Australian Shepherd and Pugs.

Alternative naturopathic breeding.

Breed manager in the VRZ - DHS (German association of breeders of purebred dogs)

Animal healer

Kristina Mauer-Popp - Bellfor animal healer

Kristina Mauer-Popp

Ms Mauer-Popp discovered her love for dogs and cats as a small child. It was therefore clear to her early on what career path she would take. She graduated in veterinary medicine from the FAT Gelsenkirchen in 2004.


As a member of the Bellfor competence team, Ms Mauer-Popp puts her many years of experience at our disposal. From now on, both private and commercial customers will receive competent support from her on the subject of species-appropriate dog nutrition.

If you have any questions, please contact Ms Mauer-Popp by e-mail: [email protected] or by telephone: 02255-9573996.

Mon Tue Wed Thu 9:00 - 16:00

Her subject: veterinary practice

Hobbies: Her dogs, reading, gardening, cinema

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