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Why use beet pulp in dog food?

Beet pulp in dog food

We always get questions about natural and healthy food for dogs. We are of course happy with that. That shows that it is increasingly important for dog owners that their dog is fed in a natural and healthy way. To support their health. One of the questions we often ask ourselves is: "Why do you use beet pulp in dog food?" In the next article we give you the answer.

The subject of dog food is very difficult 

We would like to briefly explain in advance how complex the issue of dog food really is. For the health of your dog it is not enough just to feed him.

The dog is semi-Carnivor. This means that he not only eats meat, but also a variety of other nutrients that require vegetable ingredients in his food.

If he does not get these nutrients, too little or in the wrong proportion, it may be sooner or later that it can lead to deficiency symptoms and illnesses.

For this reason, we at Bellfor work closely with nutrition experts, dog breeders and veterinarians. This way we can ensure that our dog food contributes to a long and healthy dog ​​life, and so our four-legged customers get exactly the nutrients they need.

What is beet pulp?

Beet pulp is a by-product that is obtained during the production of sugar from sugar beet. They mainly contain dietary fiber for digestion. It is a roughage that promotes the motor function of the digestive tract.

It consists of a mixture of non-fermentable and fermentable fibers. The fermentable fibers are important for the balance in the colon. They support the production of short chain fatty acids, which use the cells of the intestinal mucosa as an energy source.

The right mix

Although the fermentable fibers just described are important for intestinal motility, they can suffer problems in a large amount.

Dog with Bellfor Freiland-Schmaus

Especially for larger breeds, a strong fermentation activity can lead to a soft stool. To prevent this, at Bellfor we decided to add beet pulp with only 50 percent fermentable fiber.

As a result, beet pulp in Bellfor's dog food fulfills two different tasks. On the one hand they promote the motor function of the intestine. On the other hand, we prevent all excessive fermentation processes from leading to a problem.


For dogs with high fermentation activity, it is important that their food contains both recyclable fibers (FOS) and slowly recyclable fibers. The latter supplies him with the beet pulp.

The combination of both types of fibers ensures a healthy intestinal ecosystem and a good consistency of your dog's stool. Like all other ingredients in our Bellfor dog food, such as beet pulp have an important role in the optimal nutrients of your dog. What those are, you know now.

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