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Why dogs eat excrements

Many dog owners probably know it from their own experience. Your own dog suddenly eats excrement with great enthusiasm. The technical term for this behavior is coprophagy.

In this article we explain why dogs eat excrement and why it is not only disgusting but also dangerous. You'll also learn what you can do about eating your dog's excrement.

Possible causes of dog faeces eating in dogs

Dog eats excrements

Despite all the enthusiasm, which some quadrupeds show, eating excrement is not a normal behaviour and also nothing, which dogs may have inherited from their ancestors, the wolves.

If a dog eats excrement, it can have one of the following causes:

  • Curiosity
  • Hunger
  • Illnesses
  • Territorial behaviour
  • Frustration
  • Attention

Feces out of curiosity

Puppies in particular are curious by nature and explore their surroundings with everything that goes with it. It can happen again and again that the small four-legged friends eat something, which is not suitable actually as food. This may also include the faeces of other animals.

Feces from hunger

If a dog gets too little food and is therefore hungry, it will most likely go out looking for food on its own. It can happen that he tries to satisfy his hunger with excrement.

Diseases as cause for the excrement eating with the dog

In addition to curiosity and hunger, various diseases in dogs can also trigger the eating of faeces. If, for example, the absorption of nutrients is disturbed as a result of an underactive pancreas, dogs often try to compensate for their lack of energy and nutrients by eating excrement.

Feces eating as a territorial behaviour

Some dogs tend to a particularly strongly pronounced precinct-behavior. Since excrement represents a precinct-mark exactly like urine, some quadrupeds try to remove marks of Artgenossen from its territory by excrement-eating.

Frustration as trigger for excrement-eating with the dog

Too little contact with humans leads to frustration in dogs as well as poor husbandry conditions and can result in other undesirable behaviors as well as eating excrement.

Eating excrement to get attention

Of course, no owner wants his dog to eat excrement. Accordingly the theatre is often large, if the four-legged friend does it nevertheless once. That can lead to the fact that the animal sees a possibility in the eating of excrement, in order to get attention from its owner.

Why eating excrement is dangerous for dogs

Regardless of the exact cause, you should be aware that eating excrement is very risky and can make your dog seriously ill. The excreta can contain pathogens and parasites.

If your dog eats excrement, there is a particular risk of the following health problems:

  • An infestation with Giardia
  • A worm infestation
  • An infection with parvovirosis  
  • A hepatitis infection
  • Transmission of salmonella (in chicken and rodent faeces)

Apart from that, eating excrement naturally ensures that your dog has bad breath. There is also a risk of zoonosis. Some of the pathogens and parasites contained in faeces can also be transmitted to humans.

What owners can do to prevent their dog from eating excrement

As you can see, eating your dog's excrement is not only a question of "taste", but also a real threat to human and animal health.

For this reason, it is important that you consistently prevent your dog from eating excrement.

The following tips will help you:

  • Always remove excrement from your own garden promptly.
  • Keep a close eye on your dog as he walks.
  • If you have a cat, always clean the litter tray immediately.
  • This also applies to any existing puppy boxes or kennels.
  • Stop eating excrement immediately when going for a walk.
  • Use a leash or muzzle if necessary.

In addition, it is necessary for you to investigate the causes and find out why your dog eats excrement at all. In this context, a visit to the vet can give you information about possible diseases as triggers.

Also make sure to give your pet enough attention so that he doesn't start eating excrement out of boredom or frustration.

Avoid nutrient deficiency

Last but not least, you should make sure that your dog gets enough to eat and that his food contains all the necessary nutrients. To this end, we recommend that you rely on Bellfor's nutrition concept.

Because our products contain only natural ingredients and provide your dog with all the nutrients his body needs from an early age.

With our online nutritionist you will also find the right food to meet the individual needs of your four-legged friend.

Bellfor Shiimun Gastro

Shiimun Gastro for dogs that eat excrement

If your dog eats excrement, a dietary supplement with Shiimun Gastro makes sense. This digestible preparation based on the Shiitake mushroom contains selected natural ingredients that are particularly rich in valuable nutrients.

Thus the administration of Shiimun Gastro can ensure a flawless functioning of the intestine as well as an optimal nutrient intake and ultimately contribute to the fact that your dog no longer eats excrement in the future.

Immediate action after a dog has eaten excrement

Of course, despite all precautions, it can happen that your dog has managed to eat excrement on the way. In this case you should remove any leftovers immediately.

If the animal's coat is heavily soiled with faeces, you cannot avoid a thorough bath. It is best to wear gloves to avoid the possible transmission of pathogens.

Also remove debris from your dog's mouth. It can be helpful to give the four-legged friend an apple to eat first. Afterwards you should brush its teeth thoroughly.

Bellfor expert tip against dogs eating excrement


If your dog eats excrement, we recommend a dietary supplement with Bellfor Immun. This natural supplement supports the supply of nutrients and can thus make a valuable contribution to strengthening the immune system.

In addition, some of our customers have been able to counteract the consumption of excrement by their dogs by administering Bellfor Immun.

Feces Eating in the Dog - Our Conclusion

There are several reasons why dogs eat excrement. Frequently, they take up not only the excrements of fellow dogs, but also of other animals, such as horses or cats.

Regardless of this, excrement eating in dogs is neither a normal nor a desirable behaviour. Because potential pathogens and parasites in the faeces represent a risk for humans and animals alike.

It is therefore important for you as the owner that you consistently stop your dog eating excrement and at the same time research the causes.

A species-appropriate diet with Bellfor products can make a valuable contribution in this context.

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