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Why grain-free?

All ranges of our Münsterländer Manor Feast are 100% grain-free. We use neither wheat, spelt, oats, rye or barley - nor will you find corn or rice in our Manor Feast ranges. We use a mix of sweet potato and potato, or use only sweet potato as carbohydrate carriers. We can thus completely rule out a grain intolerance.

For some ranges, we use exclusively the sweet potato as it is botanically not at all related with the potato. The starch in the sweet potato is more complex and digested more slowly - as a result, the blood glucose level rises more slowly, and not as high as with the potato. (Complex structured starch and the subsequent steady rise of blood sugar is also the reason why people are often advised to opt for less food with white flour and for more whole-grain products instead.)

The sweet potato is considered the most nutritious vegetable (according to CSPI) and is full of natural vitamins.

Because we completely do without grain, our Manor Feast is also best suited for all dogs with grain or gluten-intolerance. The increasing number of four-legged friends with allergic reactions to grain, can be fed safely with all types of Münsterländer Manor Feast.

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