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TOP 20 things to know: popular articles from Bellfor

We regularly publish detailed articles in the Bellfor Dogs Guide to give dog owners the necessary knowledge for the appropriate care and maintenance of their four-legged friends.

In our articles, we give you tips on important topics such as the prevention and treatment of common dog diseases, protection against parasites and breed-appropriate nutrition.

On this page, we have compiled a handy overview of the most popular articles from our guide for dog owners.

Take a moment to read them. We are sure that you too can learn from our advice and that your dog will benefit from our tips and recommendations.

The right amount of food for your dog

The right amount of food is very important for the well-being of dogs. If the quadruped receives too little food, sooner or later it will be underweighted. If he eats too much, the dog becomes overwei..

09/10/2019 Views:3124

Oak processionary moth and dogs: you need to know that

The oak processionary moth is particularly active in May and June. In some areas the caterpillars of the butterfly cause considerable impairments up to traffic obstructions due to the implementation o..

01/08/2019 Views:6208

Cooling the dog: our tips for the summer

In summer, temperatures in Germany often rise to well over 30 degrees Celsius. On the one hand, this is a great bathing and holiday weather, but can also quickly become a burden.Because the heat does ..

29/07/2019 Views:7192

Scabies at the dog

The dog's mange is a skin disease caused by certain types of mites, which is not only extremely contagious, but can even be fatal if left untreated.We will explain to you how your dog can become infec..

23/07/2019 Views:12383

Painkillers for dogs

Just like humans, dogs can also suffer from pain. They can be acute or chronic and can have a variety of causes, from illness to injury.We will explain to you how to recognise pain in your four-legged..

22/07/2019 Views:89554

Dandruff in dogs: possible causes and treatment

Just like in humans, the skin is also a large and important organ in dogs. A healthy skin and a shiny coat are a sign that the four-legged friend is doing well. However, if a dog suffers from skin pro..

15/07/2019 Views:13232

Detecting, treating and preventing ear mites in dogs

Dogs can be attacked by different types of mites. One of them are so-called ear mites. Compared to other species, these are quite rare in dogs, but can have serious consequences for affected animals.I..

20/06/2019 Views:13398

Detecting, treating and preventing grass mites in dogs

Grass mites are particularly common in dogs and can be a real plague during the warm months of the year. Among other things, they cause severe itching and, in the worst case, can even lead to sk..

31/05/2019 Views:17280

Detecting and treating mite infestations in dogs

Unfortunately, mite infestation is a common problem in dogs, which many owners are confronted with. Mites are arachnids and feed mainly on the dead skin cells of their host animals.If a dog suffers fr..

29/05/2019 Views:31406

Go for a walk: Tips for relaxed walks with your dog

Dogs need a lot of attention from their owners. This also includes going for a walk with your four-legged friend every day. How often and how long you should go for a walk with your dog depends on the..

06/05/2019 Views:3874

Leishmaniasis in dogs: symptoms, treatment and prevention

Leishmaniasis is one of the typical Mediterranean diseases that dogs can become infected with. In contrast to Lyme disease, the risk of infection is still very high mainly in southern Europe. However,..

06/02/2019 Views:13905

Epilepsy in dogs: Forms, symptoms and treatment

Like humans, dogs can develop epilepsy and suffer from the typical seizures associated with the disease. If there are frequent seizures, epilepsy is often a major burden for dogs and their owners. De..

18/01/2019 Views:15852

Kennel cough in dogs: causes, prevention and treatment

Kennel cough is the colloquial term for an infectious tracheobronchitis. It is a disease of the upper respiratory tract of dogs that is primarily characterized by dry cough, but can also cause other s..

11/12/2018 Views:8718

Canine allergies: recognising and treating the symptoms

Just like us humans, dogs also frequently suffer from allergies. These can be triggered by quite different causes, causing highly unpleasant conditions for your furry friend!In this article, we explai..

28/01/2018 Views:29540

Ear infection in dogs - what helps?

Unfortunately, ear infections are not uncommon in dogs. The disease is usually associated with great pain for the animal and should therefore be taken seriously. In this article we will discuss..

11/01/2018 Views:41699

Arthrosis in dogs: causes, symptoms and treatment

Many people know from their own experience how much arthrosis can reduce the quality of life. Of course, this also applies to dogs, which can suffer from osteoarthritis in the same way as humans.Arthr..

18/10/2017 Views:34058

Giardia in dogs: causes, symptoms and treatment

Giardia is a common problem in dogs According to a study, almost 20 percent of all four-legged friends in Germany are infected with them. Once a dog suffers from Giardia, it has difficulty getting ri..

17/10/2017 Views:144999

First aid with the dog - so you can help your four-legged friend

Dogs are not machines. When romping and playing, something can happen over and over again that you do not even think about as a dog owner. And diseases like the dreaded stomach twist can put you and y..

13/10/2017 Views:4987

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