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Weakened immune systems in dogs: causes and what can really help

Just like in humans, a functional immune system plays a decisive role in ensuring the health of your dog. If the immune system is weakened, diseases result.

In this article, we will explain what can cause weaknesses of the immune system, while you will also learn how you can strengthen your furry friend’s immune system naturally.

Dog immune system can be weakened

What can weaken the immune system?

The purpose of the immune system is to protect the body against pathogens. It is able to remove unwanted invaders, such as bacteria and viruses, or at least to make them harmless, thereby preventing illness. As long as all processes within the immune system work smoothly, all is good. However, your dog’s defensive abilities can be weakened by all kinds of external influences, and we set out the most important factors in the following article.

Excessive stress

The effects of stress on the immune system are easily underestimated. Stressful situations can quickly weaken your dog’s defences, which makes itself apparent in the form of increased vulnerability to infection. Stress for your dog could be caused by something like a family holiday, moving house, or taking part in a competition.


Whether it involves vomiting, diarrhoea or a simple infection, whenever a dog is ill, its immune system is also weakened, because it is working flat out to fight the illness and to restore your pet to good health as quickly as possible.


An allergy is an overreaction of the immune system. The body of your dog treats a substance, which is actually harmless, as a threat and attempts to fight the threat. As such, allergies also weaken the immune system.


Surgeries are often necessary to treat an injury or an illness. However, this kind of surgical intervention is often a major burden on your dog’s immune system. Ultimately, the organism must heal while preventing pathogens from entering the body through the wound.

Vaccinations and medication

Vaccinations, like the administering of medicines, can cause weakness of the immune system. Dogs that have just been vaccinated or that have to take specific medicines are generally more vulnerable to disease as a result.

Immune system in dogs


It is quite natural that dogs are not as fit as they used to be when they get older. Their immune systems also decline over the years. For this reason, an old dog is more sensitive to pathogens and will tend to become ill more quickly.


If you feed low quality food to your dog, vitamin and mineral deficiencies frequently ensue. However, these micro-nutrients are highly important to a functioning immune system. Over the longer term, nutritional deficiencies therefore weaken the body’s natural defences.

Lack of sleep

Your furry friend needs around 17 hours of rest and sleep each day. Young animals and older dogs actually need even more time to recuperate! If your dog does not get this time, this will also weaken its immune system, eventually leading to illnesses.

Ways to strengthen the immune system

As you will see, many factors can contribute to a weakened immune system. However, some of these were not fully understood until recently. As a weak immune system can cause frequent illnesses, you should do everything possible to strengthen your dog’s immune defences.

Start by reducing the amount of strain placed on your dog, ensuring that it has plenty of rest, avoid excessive stress and provide the right food to ensure that your dog receives all the essential nutrients that it needs. In addition, we recommend that you support your dog’s immune system with Bellfor Immune. This is a wholly natural food supplement that you can feed to your dog in the form of powder or biscuits.

Bellfor Immune: what it contains

Bellfor Immune consists of insect protein, nettle seeds, sea buckthorn, rosehip, propolis, and field horsetail.

While insect protein provides valuable amino acids for the body, propolis also helps to kill bacteria. Sea buckthorn and rosehip are exceptionally high in vitamin C. Field horsetail contains precious flavonoids while nettle seeds have a detoxifying effect.

This specific combination of selected ingredients ensures that your four-legged friend’s immune system is meaningfully strengthened. Bellfor Immune is, therefore, an appropriate food supplement for use in a wide variety of situations.

For example, the supplement is valuable in each of the following situations:

  • After an operation 
  • Following sickness
  • After taking antibiotics
  • During high levels of physical exertion
  • For older dogs
  • In highly stressful situations
  • To strengthen puppies’ immune systems

In addition, you should also use Bellfor Immune following detoxification of the kidneys with Bellfor Kidney Strength, as Bellfor Immune’s formulation also helps to strengthen the immune system and keep your dog fighting fit following this detoxification.

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