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Low purine dog food - when does it make sense

There are several reasons why a dog should be fed purine poor. But what exactly are purines, what do they contain and when should you take a purine-poor dog food? We will answer these questions below.

What is purine?

Purine is an organic compound that is important for building new cells and genetic material in both humans and dogs.

Purines are found in many foods. Their proportion is very high, especially in offal. In addition, however, many types of meat, such as beef, and legumes also contain a considerable amount of purine.

When purine is broken down, uric acid is produced. This is quite normal and no cause for concern. Under certain circumstances, however, it can happen that uric acid is not excreted from the body to the required extent and health problems develop as a result.

When should dogs be fed a low-purine diet?

There are several reasons why a low-purine diet is recommended for dogs. In addition to diseases, these can also be genetic defects, for example.

A low-purine diet for Dalmatians

The Dalmatian

The Dalmatian has a genetic defect that prevents it from degrading purine from its food to allantoin. Instead, it only converts it into uric acid. This leads to an increased uric acid level, which in turn increases the risk of kidneys and bladder stones.

This can cause severe pain in affected dogs, urination problems and even kidney colic. For this reason, Dalmatians should generally be given a low-purine dog food. This is the only way to avoid these problems right from the start.

Low-purine diet for leishmaniasis

Leishmaniasis is a disease that mainly affects dogs in the Mediterranean region. It is transmitted by the sand midge, which carries the pathogens and passes them on to the dog during the sucking process.

Once a dog has developed leishmaniasis, it is usually not possible to cure the disease completely. The parasites remain in the cells of the body and continue to multiply there. This can result in numerous complaints.

The symptoms of leishmaniasis include among others:

  • Fever
  • Diarrhoea
  • Hair loss
  • Scaly rashes
  • Lassitude
  • Blood in feces
  • Swelling of the lymph nodes
  • Excessive claw growth

Without treatment, leishmaniasis can ultimately cause your dog to die of kidney failure.

Treatment of Leishmaniasis with Allopurinol

The active ingredient allopurinol is normally administered to dogs for the treatment of leishmaniasis. This prevents the organism of the four-legged friend from being able to synthesise purines.

Since the Leishmania need this nutrient, they can no longer reproduce. In this way, leishmaniasis cannot be cured in dogs, but its further progression is prevented.

However, allopurinol also has a side effect. It inhibits the enzyme xanthine oxidase. However, since this is necessary for the breakdown of purine in the dog's body, bladder stones can form and cystitis can develop with a purine-rich diet.

In order to avoid this, dogs suffering from leishmaniasis and therefore receiving allopurinol should be fed a low-purine diet.

Low purine dog food from Bellfor

If you own a Dalmatian or if your dog is suffering from leishmaniasis and needs to be traded with Allopurinol, we recommend that you eat our low-purine dog food with insect protein.

Since insect protein contains hardly any purine, it is ideal for ensuring a low-purine diet for your dog. You can choose between two different types of dry food and a wet food. This selection ensures that your four-legged friend gets a food according to his taste.

Alternatively you can try our Heath Feast with lamb and rabbit. These varieties are also quite poor in purines, even if they are not as low as our dog food with insect protein.

Low purine dog food - our conclusion

As you can see, many foods contain purine. Accordingly, it is also a widely used ingredient in dog food.

Normally this is not a problem. However, under certain conditions, such as leishmaniasis and the appropriate treatment with allopurinol, it may be advisable to avoid purine-rich dog food.

With the Purinarm Set this is not a problem. Use our well-tolerated food with insect protein to ensure a low-purine diet for your four-legged friend. In addition, you profit from a good digestibility, by which insect protein is suitable also in the best way for nourishing sensitive animals.

Purinarm set

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