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German Shepherd food by Bellfor

The German Shepherd Dog is a big dog breed from Germany and is classified in group 1 by the FCI. The German Shepherd was born at the end of the 19th century and is a classic protection, guard and herding dog. He is appreciated in many countries as a police dog and is also used by rescue services and as a guide dog.

As a classic herding dog, the German Shepherd Dog is characterized by an attentive nature and a pronounced protective instinct. Nevertheless, he is usually playful, balanced and good-natured.

Shepherd dogs are teachable, affectionate and have a high urge to move. Thanks to their good sense of smell, they are often used as sniffer dogs. In addition, they are best suited for training as guide dogs or according to their original breeding purpose as watch and herding dogs.

German shepherd dog diseases

Despite their robust physique, German shepherds are susceptible to joint diseases. Hip joint dysplasia is particularly common, which is associated with severe pain and an increasing restriction of mobility.

In addition, shepherd dogs occasionally suffer from pancreatic insufficiency, in which a genetic defect disrupts the production of enzymes in the pancreas so that the animal cannot digest its food properly.

The right diet for the shepherd dog

A balanced diet plays an important role for the German shepherd dog. Special food can help in pancreatic insufficiency to facilitate digestion and also ensure an optimal supply of nutrients for the health of the joints.

For this reason, Premium Pur FleischPlus from Bellfor is ideally suited as food for the German Shepherd. The high-quality dry food is free of artificial additives and wheat. Instead, easily digestible carbohydrate sources such as rice and a high meat content ensure that the food provides your German Shepherd with all important nutrients and enough energy for his active everyday life.

For the prevention of hip dysplasia, a dietary supplement with Bellfor Joints & Bones is also recommended.

In addition, the outdoor snacks included in the set offer you the opportunity to reward your four-legged friend with a healthy dog snack and to supplement the food of your German shepherd dog with tasty delicacies.

Best food for German shepherd dogs in the affordable economy set

In order to support you optimally with a needs-meeting nutrition, you receive food for the German shepherd dog with us to the special price. Save money when ordering in a set and also get a 10 percent discount on your next order from Bellfor as well as a practical measuring cup to portion the food for your German Shepherd to the nearest gram.

Our food set for the German Shepherd dog at a glance:

The Bellfor nutrition concept supports you from an early age in feeding your German shepherd dog according to its needs and species.

German Shepherd food
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