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Dog food with insect protein

We are happy to introduce our insect based dog food Naturgut-Schmaus (Natural Heritage Feast)Landgut-Schmaus (Farm Feast) and Landgut-Menu (Farm Menu). We put a lot of care and our experience from the last 25 years into the development. The result is very impressive and will no doubt also delight your dog.

Why we chose insect proteins

These days, factory farming is one of the biggest problems for the environment. And the problems will increase further in the next few decades because of global population growth. In addition to the high consumption of resources, the use of antibiotics in farming is also a problem. Insect-based dog food provides the perfect alternative here. The used insects do not become sick so no antibiotics need to be used for breeding. Furthermore, production needs significantly fewer resources. In comparison, 10% of energy are required for cattle breeding, for example, for the same amount of proteins. 

The black soldier fly larvae (lat. Hermetia Illucens) are used a protein source for our Naturgut-Schmaus (Natural Heritage Feast)Landgut-Schmaus (Farm Feast) and Landgut-Menu (Farm Menu). These contain all nutrients already 10 days after hatching and are then ready for further processing. The waste from production is used as a natural fertilizer.

The most important benefits for your dog

Our Bellfor dog food with insect protein not only the environment. For your dog too, it represents a healthy and wholesome food source. Our Naturgut-Schmaus (Natural Heritage Feast)Landgut-Schmaus (Farm Feast) and Landgut-Menu (Farm Menu) are characterized, among others, by the following properties:

  • High digestibility
  • Grain-free dog food
  • Consist only natural ingredients
  • Have  no allergic potential

The proteins in our insect-based Bellfor dog food are easily digested. Their biological value is around 85 percent.

Just like our other products, both varieties do not use any grain. This is of additional benefit for your dog’s health. Grain-free dog food ensures a more balanced blood sugar level. This will benefit both his health and his well-being.