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Your dog can look forward to our freshly-sealed packaged food

We deliberately use packaging sizes up to a maximum of 10kg for our Landschmaus (Manor Feast) varieties, so that you can carry and transport the products comfortably. Our fabric sacks differ from the sacks of many other manufacturers. The frequently used plastic or paper sacks often tear open during transport, so we have looked for a more resilient and at the same time environmentally friendly solution.

Aluminium was out of the question for us, as the use of energy in the production of aluminium is - in our opinion - ecologically unacceptable. That is why we opted for our tear-resistant, environmentally friendly fabric sacks. This recyclable single-material packaging also meets the hygienic requirements of food packaging. The food is thus safely protected from external influences such as light or moisture. In addition, the hotmelt technology used to close the bags ensures a secure and firm bottom seam and thus prevents tearing.

The packaging material chosen by us preserves the delicious taste of our dry food better and your dog can look forward to our freshly sealed Bellfor Landschmaus (Manor Feast). And even you, as the owner, do not have to worry about possible damage to the food bags during transport.

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