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Delicious functional snacks for dogs from Bellfor

Delicious functional snacks for dogs from Bellfor

Delicious dog snacks should not be missing in the everyday life of any four-legged friend. Ideally the treats are not only tasty but also healthy, so that they can be perfectly integrated into a species-appropriate feeding of the dog.

At Bellfor we even go one step further. Because in addition to our normal cereal-free dog snacks, we have developed very special treats for dogs with our functional snacks.

In addition to high-quality, natural ingredients such as fruit and vegetables, these contain selected herbs and important nutrients with which you can optimally support your dog's well-being and vitality.

Our functional snacks for dogs at a glance

Our functional snacks are available in different varieties. You can thus support your four-legged friend in very different situations and provide him with additional nutrients and selected herbs as required.

Currently you will find the following functional snacks for your dog in our assortment:

  • Joints & Bones Snacks contain the innovative active ingredient complex Ovopet, which supplies your dog's musculoskeletal system with important substances such as hyaluronic acid and collagen.
  • Immune Snacks provide your dog with amino acids from insect protein and valuable micronutrients from ingredients such as propolis and rose hip to support the immune system.
  • Kidney Strength Snacks contain a special mixture of selected herbs that can help to stimulate the natural detoxification function of the kidneys.
  • Skin & Coat Snacks contain, among other things, high-quality insect protein and brewer's yeast to support your dog's skin and coat with additional nutrients.
  • Vermal Snacks contain a special blend of herbs that contribute to an intestinal environment that is hostile to worms and giardiasis and can therefore support the effect of a worming product on your dog.
  • ZEComplete Snacks are characterised by their high content of lauric acid, which studies have shown to have a deterrent effect on ticks.

Functional snacks as Soft-Happen and biscuits

Some of our functional snacks for dogs are available both in the form of Soft-Happen and cookies. Our Soft-Happen are basically characterised by their soft consistency, while our biscuits are much harder.

Food supplement and treat at the same time

With our functional snacks we offer you the perfect combination of tasty treats and nutritional supplements for dogs. On the one hand, they are therefore ideal as a small reward for in-between meals, and on the other hand, they can help to supply your dog with additional nutrients in certain situations.

But the best way to convince yourself and test our tasty functional snacks for dogs. We are sure that your four-legged friend will be delighted with these special treats.

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