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How dogs’ joints are put together

Joints in dogs

The same goes for both people and for dogs: healthy joints are essential for mobility. If their function is limited, there are far-reaching consequences that can cause lasting damage.

You will learn in this article how joints are put together, as well as the individual components that they consist of. In addition, you will also learn how to prevent joint conditions and how existing complaints can be helped to heal much more effectively.

Construction of the joints

The construction of the joints varies, depending on the precise joint in question. However, the main, fundamental components are always the same.

Every joint consists of:

  • Condyle and socket
  • Articular cartilage
  • Synovial fluid
  • Joint capsule
  • Ligaments

The terms “condyle” and “socket” refer to the ends of the two bones that meet at the joint. Each of these bones is covered in a layer of articular cartilage, while the synovial fluid is also found between the cartilage layers. In turn, the joint capsule surrounds the entire joint, and the ligaments allow for mobility within a defined radius an work with the muscle tissues to ensure strength and stability.

Role and composition of articular cartilage 

Articular cartilage consists mainly of what is referred to as an extracellular matrix, which contains the cartilage cells, and which in turn produce collagen, hyaluronic acid, glycosaminoglycan and chondroitin sulphate. These substances are further required to create the extracellular matrix.

The role of the articular cartilage consists of creating a smooth surface and minimizing friction in the joints. As the cartilage is significantly more elastic than the bones, it also serves as a shock absorber, absorbing forces that may arise when running or jumping.

Structure and composition of synovial fluid

Synovial fluid, also called synovia or joint lubricant, consists mainly of hyaluronic acid, glucose, and water. Synovial fluid also helps to absorb shocks, while it is also responsible for preventing cartilage coming into direct contact with other cartilage to reduce friction still further.

A joint without adequate quantities of synovial fluid can be compared to a car that is driven without any oil in the engine. There is a lack of lubrication, so that individual components (in this case, the cartilage and bones) wear out very quickly due to friction.

Healthy joints don’t always come naturally

It is necessary for the substances contained in both synovial fluid and cartilage to undergo a process of constant renewal. Ideally, this would all work without any problems.

Nonetheless, this ability declines with age, which can lead to a variety of problems and illnesses over time.

There are also other factors to take into account, such as excessive exertion or strains, poor diet, and excess weight. These also represent a risk to joint health, while some joint conditions can also be more likely to occur in certain individuals due to hereditary conditions. 

As well as acute conditions such as arthritis, chronic joint conditions such as osteoarthritis and hip dysplasia are also common. If left untreated, illnesses of this kind will lead to increasingly restricted movement and, under certain circumstances, can cause paralysis in the affected joints.

Effective help in combating joint conditions

Unfortunately, many dog owners know the consequences that unhealthy joints can have for their pets from first-hand experience. Chronic complaints in particular can lead to a long, painful period of suffering for the animal, over the course of which the function of the joints constantly declines, severely limiting the dog’s quality of life.

Dog with Joints & Bones

As well as veterinary treatment, you have the option of doing something for yourself and combating your dog’s joint problems with Bellfor Joints & Bones.

This natural food supplement for dogs contains the unique active ingredient, Ovopet. This is derived from the membrane of eggshells and consists primarily of hyaluronic acid, collagen, glucosamine, chondroitin sulphate.

These substances are decisive in ensuring the health of a dog’s joints

Bellfor Joints & Bones is the only product on the market to feature this special combination of active ingredients. This even means that can relieve your dog’s pain while also encourage the restoration of cartilage and synovial fluid.

Bellfor Joints & Bones therefore not only treats acute symptoms; it also addresses the root cause of the condition. Depending on the clinical profile, a significant improvement can be achieved after just a few weeks in many cases.

Whether used as a preventive treatment (e.g., for sporting dogs), to treat existing problems, or to provide additional support after an operation, Bellfor Joints & Bones is the perfect food supplement to support the health of your dog’s joints and thus to give your dog’s long-term health a firm footing.

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