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Bellfor - high quality grain-free dry and wet food, snacks and natural supplements for dogs made with love, like homemade

Bellfor: what we stand for and what animal welfare dog food means to us

Bellfor is a family business with about 25 years of experience with processing dog food. We are convinced that every pet deserves to get only high-quality, natural and appropriate dog food. Man’s best friend shall not only have enough to eat but also be healthy, vital and above all, happy. That’s why we put great emphasis on home-made wholesome grain-free dry dog food. For us, this includes only natural ingredients. Dogs are semi-carnivores and therefore our Bellfor dog food contains around 70% meat or fish.

We do not use meat from factory farming but meat with food quality from regional long-term partners. Our grain-free dry dog food contains plenty of fresh fruits, vegetables and valuable herbs largely from our region.

Natural and local ingredients

The Bellfor brand has stood for species-appropriate dog food that not only tastes good for dogs, but is also good for them. Bellfor food is free of artificial additives and instead contains a particularly large amount of food-grade meat and fish.

Selected meat, freshly-picked vegetables and natural ingredients make our Münsterländer Landschmaus so delicious, valuable and easily digestible. All our ingredients are purchased exclusively from GMP certified and regional feed suppliers. We can thus guarantee the promised quality and the reliable production of our dog food.

Bellfor insect-based dog food - future-oriented protein source for the healthy dog of today!

Bellfor offers three varieties of insect-based dog food and soft-snacks.This not only protects the environment, but will surely delight your dog.

In 2016, Bellfor was also the first company in Europe to launch insect-based dog food on the market. Since then, our innovative products with insect protein have convinced countless customers in many countries. We are therefore sure that your dog will be delighted too.

Insect based dog food as a saving set for dogs in every size:

Thanks to the complex amino acid structure as well as the excellent digestibility of insect protein, your dog will benefit from feeding your dog with Bellfor insect-based dog food in many ways.

  • Hypoallergenic protein for dogs with feed allergies
  • Well tolerated by dogs with digestive problems
  • Improved skin and coat health
  • Effective support for the immune system

The best way to convince yourself!

Especially careful processing

Ensures that all important natural vitamins and minerals are preserved. The result is a highly digestible grain-free dry dog food, perfectly suitable for true nature dogs and food sensitive dogs. Bellfor offers dog food from various types of processes:

Characteristics of Bellfor grain-free dry dog food at a glance:

  • Regional raw materials
  • No meat from factory farms
  • Complete renunciation of animal testing
  • Very high meat & fish content of 70%
  • Grain-free dry dog food
  • Protein sources with very low allergy potential
  • Meat and fish from controlled conditions in food quality
  • Freshly-picked fruits and vegetables, mostly from the region
  • Balanced mix of valuable medicinal herbs
  • No soy and sugar
  • Ideal ratio of omega-6 to omega-3 fatty acids
  • No synthetic colourings, preservatives and flavourings
  • The right food for all breeds
  • Very tasty and easy to digest
  • 60 days trial period

Grain-free dry dog food - just one trend?

Food intolerance and food allergies in dogs are on the increase. In the past, grain was a main component of dry food.

An increasing number of dogs suffered from allergies with the result that more frequent visits to the vet were necessary. This is where Bellfor grain-free dry dog food offers more than an alternative. It is the healthy, species-appropriate diet.

60 Day Trial Period

If you are not satisfied with our Bellfor products for some reason, we offer a 100% money back guarantee in the first 60 days of the purchase.

High-quality grain-free dry dog food

Bellfor consistently refrains from any animal testing.

All Bellfor products are developed in close cooperation with breeders and nutrition experts.

Order Bellfor safely in our online shop and have it delivered quickly to your home.

  • cereal-free dog food;
  • cereal-free dog food - cold-pressed;
  • healthy snacks and biscuits - grain-free;
  • sensible food supplements;
  • gluten-free dog food.

Frequently Asked Questions on the Subject of Dog Health

As a dog owner, the well-being of your four-legged friend is near and dear to your heart. At the same time, you probably know from your own experience that health problems in dogs are not uncommon.

You are therefore bound to have many questions on this topic. On this page we have summarised for you the answers to frequently asked questions about dog health as well as tips for researching causes and treatment.

Frequently Asked Questions

My dog keeps scratching its ears

If a dog scratches its ears frequently, there can be various reasons. Often an infection is the culprit for the itchy ears. Apart from that, the itching can also be caused by an infestation with ear mites or allergies and can even indicate kidney problems.

In order to effectively relieve the itching of the dog's ears, it is therefore first of all necessary to get to the bottom of the cause. Once suitable treatment is administered, it usually doesn't take long until your dog stops scratching its ears.

My dog has red patches on its paws and bites them until they bleed.

Red patches on dogs' paws can have a number of causes. It could be an infestation with grass mites, which are active in late summer and autumn. In winter, however, road salt is quite often responsible for skin irritation and inflammation on the paws. In addition, atopic dermatitis and food intolerances can also manifest themselves on the paws.

Since skin irritations and inflammations are often extremely uncomfortable and very itchy, it is not uncommon for affected dogs to bite their own paws even to the point of bleeding. To prevent this in the short term, it can help to temporarily put dog shoes on your four-legged friend's paws.

Apart from that, it is of course important to find and treat the cause of the paw problems. In the event of an infestation with grass mites, Bellfor Anti – Grass Mite spray can help. In winter, however, it has proven useful to care for dogs' paws with Bellfor Paw Protection Ointment, while atopic dermatitis can require very different treatment methods depending on the severity of the condition.

My dog has a very reddened chest and keeps scratching itself.

A severely reddened chest and frequent scratching can be signs of a dog's infestation with skin parasites such as mites or fleas. Apart from that, a fungal infection or allergies and food intolerances can also be possible causes of the discomfort.

In order to successfully eliminate skin problems and the associated itching, it is important to determine the exact trigger, since a mite infestation obviously has to be treated very differently than a skin fungal infection or an allergy. In addition to looking at the other symptoms, a visit to the vet may also be necessary for this purpose.

My dog has severe diarrhoea.

The possible causes of diarrhoea in dogs are numerous. In addition to minor digestive problems, chronic intestinal inflammation (IBD), an infestation with intestinal parasites such as worms or giardia as well as food allergies can all be triggers. In addition, it is not uncommon particularly for puppies to develop diarrhoea due to stress.

In some cases, a mild diet and special food supplements such as Bellfor Gastro Relax can be sufficient to calm the dog's digestion. Since diarrhoea can also have serious causes and is inevitably associated with a considerable loss of fluid, a visit to the vet may be advisable.

My dog has IBD – what can I feed it?

Dogs with IBD suffer from chronic inflammation of their bowels. This leads to a number of unpleasant symptoms, which usually occur in a relapsing manner. Typical symptoms of IBD include severe diarrhoea, stomach cramps, gas and vomiting.

Dogs with IBD need particularly easily digestible food without grain. For this purpose we recommend our sustainable insect-based dog food. The insect protein therein is derived from the larvae of black soldier flies (Hermetia illucens). It is hypoallergenic and easily digestible, so that it is very well tolerated even by dogs with IBD.

My dog has leishmaniasis – what can I feed it?

Leishmaniasis is a sand fly – borne infectious disease caused by single-cell blood parasites (leishmanias). Leishmaniasis can manifest itself in dogs in a variety of conditions, including diarrhoea, fever, weight loss, rash and swollen lymph nodes. Without treatment the infection often ends in fatal kidney failure.

Dogs with leishmaniasis are often treated with the active ingredient allopurinol. Since this prevents the breakdown of purine in the body of the animal, a low-purine diet is essential for affected dogs.

We therefore recommend our low-purine dry food with either insect protein or pasture lamb and rabbit when feeding in order to avoid possible complications such as bladder stones and bladder infections.

Bellfor dog food contains brewer's yeast – can a dog with leishmaniasis have it?

Brewer's yeast can be found in our dog food and is a natural product that is very rich in essential vitamins and minerals. Since brewer's yeast has a high purine content, some dog owners have concerns about using our food in the event of an infection with leishmaniasis.

However, these concerns are completely unfounded. After all the suitability depends on the overall purine content, which is very low in the recommended varieties for dogs with leishmaniasis. The brewer's yeast in them does not reduce the suitability of the food.

My dog has giardia. The medication prescribed by the vet don't help.

Giardia are one of the most common endoparasites in dogs. An infestation in puppies and weakened dogs with these single-cell small intestine parasites very often leads to giardiasis. Affected dogs often suffer from debilitating symptoms such as severe diarrhoea.

In order to get giardia permanently under control, the administration of medication alone is not enough. In addition, carbohydrates must be avoided in the animal's diet as much as possible and giardia cysts in the dog's surroundings must be removed with comprehensive hygiene measures.

My dog is overweight – what can I do?

Obesity is widespread in dogs and is far more than just a cosmetic problem. Over time, obesity leads to numerous secondary symptoms and increases the risk of diabetes and joint problems such as osteoarthritis.

If your dog is overweight, it is therefore advisable to reduce its weight as soon as possible. For this purpose, it is particularly important to moderately reduce the daily amount of food. In addition, special food supplements such as Shiimun Slim and an adapted exercise program can support your four-legged friend's diet.

Why does Bellfor not offer dog food containing beef?

We want to optimally support our customers when it comes to species-appropriate dog nutrition. For this purpose we offer products that are as wholesome as possible. Although nothing can be said against feeding beef as such, it has however a particularly high allergy potential.

For this reason, we have made the decision not to use beef. However, we are confident that you will find plenty of tasty alternatives for your dog in our range.

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