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What you can do if your puppy suddenly has diarrhea

Puppy suddenly has diarrhea

It's time. Finally you got your puppy from the breeder. The joy about the new family member is great. But suddenly you notice that the animal has only little appetite and loses weight. Often it comes at the same time to diarrhoea or pulpy excrement.

The assumption therefore suggests itself that your puppy does not tolerate his food properly. Even most veterinarians recommend a change of food. 

However, this only brings the desired success in the rarest of cases. Because usually a sudden feed intolerance is not the problem and a change of food is therefore superfluous.

What the digestive problems are instead due to and what you should do about them is explained in this article. 

The nutrition of puppies

Of course, you should feed your puppy according to its species and age. The food for the small four-legged friend should be as easily digestible as possible and supply him with all necessary nutrients. Sugar has just as little place in the puppy food as cereals or artificial flavour enhancers.

Instead, put your money on food with a high-quality and well-tolerated protein source, such as our Wiesen-Schmaus Junior with 74 percent fresh chicken meat and harvest-fresh potatoes. 

The soft croquettes are ideal for puppies and young dogs and thanks to the high-quality ingredients, the food is particularly digestible.

Good food alone is not enough

Even if a good food is important for the development of the small fur nose, this alone is not sufficient to eliminate complaints such as diarrhoea. In many cases the real cause is the immune system. Similar to small children, this immune system is not yet fully developed.

This makes puppies particularly susceptible. This is especially true when they are under stress. And that is exactly what leaving the mother and the familiar environment means for her. Moving to you is pure stress, which weakens the immune system and then manifests itself in symptoms such as diarrhoea.

Make it easy for him to get used to you

Of course you cannot avoid this stress completely. You can only try to make the transition as pleasant as possible for your puppy. It is important that you take enough time to get to grips with your puppy. Leaving him alone for hours at a time is not a good idea.

It is best if you take at least one or two weeks off for the move. Create a familiar environment for the little furry nose and gradually establish firm habits to which the puppy can orient itself. Of course, you should not miss strokes as well.

How to strengthen the immune system

Apart from your patience and attention, it can also be helpful to strengthen the puppy's immune system with natural remedies. This is especially true if the symptoms described above, such as diarrhoea, occur. In this case, we recommend that you take Bellfor Immune as a dietary supplement. 


Bellfor Immun contains a special mixture of natural ingredients and is perfectly suited to support the immune system in a natural and gentle way. 

The interaction of propolis, various herbs and high-quality amino acids from insect protein provides the puppy with exactly the nutrients he needs in this exciting time.

Thanks to Bellfor Immune, symptoms such as diarrhoea usually disappear very quickly.

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