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Dog food for Puppies

Grain-free puppy food - the proper nutrition from a young age

The dog is one of the best friends of people and of course we want to give your protégé love, care and the best food possible. The last usually makes very individual demands and depends on the age, breed and activity of the dog. Especially for puppies, nutrition plays a major role in their growth. In particular the calcium content for bone is very important, because too much would lead to long-term bone damage, too little - to fragile weak bones. Also, puppies have a sensitive digestive tract, which requires a particularly gentle diet for the small racers. Food intolerance and allergies can occur when a puppy is feeding on grain-containing food, because the starch contained in the grain can only be metabolized by the canine organism to a limited extent. Thus, grain-free puppy food reduces the allergy potential and enables carefree growing up.

Many people believe that puppies can not chew dry food, but it is wrong. From the fourth week, a puppy can get dry food. It can initially be mixed with our ‘well-matched for puppy’, Bellfor Puppy Milk. By the eighth week of life the feed usually can be changed completely. The dry food is very well tolerated if it is properly composed and full of nutrients. Our selection of particularly nutritious dry food is exactly what you need, it is made from the best nutrients and is full of all the vitamins, proteins and minerals required.

Only the best ingredients

For our grain-free Bellfor dog food we use a high proportion of meat and natural seasonal ingredients, most of which come from our trusted long-term partners - local farmers. Our feed is free of pollutants but is rich in prebiotics and omega-3 fatty acids. Due to the careful preparation of our food, minerals and vitamins are retained to the maximum. When your four-legged friend reaches adulthood, further change in diet will be not required.

When grain is omitted during feed production, sweet potatoes, potatoes or vegetables provide the necessary carbohydrates, fibre, vitamins and minerals. We prefer the sweet potato for our grain-free puppy food, because it is one of the richest mineral and vitamin vegetables. In addition, it's complex starch structure causes a more gradual increase in sugar in the blood and thus does not burden the small animal.

Bellfor Soft Snacks for puppy training 

When raising puppies, it is important that young dogs receive a reward that they enjoy eating quickly, because this helps to establish the connection between the treat and the behaviour they have just shown.

Our tasty soft snacks are perfect for this purpose due to their size and consistency. Whether housebroken or walking on foot - with Bellfor Soft Snacks you will reward your puppy or young dog properly.

Bellfor Joints & Bones Soft-Happen and biscuits

A healthy and functional musculoskeletal system is of vital importance for the well-being of your dog.

Against this background, it is particularly important for puppies during growth to avoid overloading and to ensure an optimal supply of nutrients.

Otherwise, malformations and associated damage to Joints and Bones can easily occur, which can affect the dog throughout his life.

Joints & Bones Soft-Happen for puppies from Bellfor

A functioning musculoskeletal system is very important for dogs. Especially in puppies that are still growing, it is therefore important to provide the joints with an optimal supply of nutrients and to avoid overloading them in everyday life.

If this is not successful, malformations of the bones and joints are practically inevitable, which are accompanied by permanent damage and a lifelong impairment of mobility.

With our Joints and Bones Soft-Happen for puppies, we have developed a special functional snack with valuable nutrients for the musculoskeletal system of growing dogs.

Large dogs have particularly sensitive joints

Large dogs, such as Great Danes, St. Bernards, German Shepherds or Rottweilers, are known to be particularly prone to problems with their musculoskeletal system. Apart from their genetic predisposition, this is mainly due to their particularly rapid growth.

In large and heavy dogs, it is therefore particularly important not to overload the puppies' joints during growth and to rely on additional support with nutrients, such as the use of Bellfor Joints & Bones Soft-Happen.

Bellfor Soft-Happen for puppies with Ovopet

Our Soft-Happen are a high-quality functional snack for growing dogs. The healthy treats contain Ovopet. The innovative active ingredient complex, which is made from the membrane of the shells of hen's eggs, contains numerous valuable ingredients.

Of these, collagen, hyaluronic acid, chondroitin sulphate and glucosamine are particularly important for the joints of growing dogs.

What makes our Joints and Bones Soft-Happen so special

Joints and Bones Soft-Happen for Puppies is not only a sensible food supplement, but also a healthy dog snack that you can use to reward growing puppies with a species-appropriate treat in between meals.

Because, like all our products, our Joints & Bones Soft-Happen for Puppies also contain only natural ingredients. You can therefore be sure that your growing dog will be able to tolerate these healthy functional snacks without any problems.

Some dogs need special support

Puppies of large dog breeds are particularly susceptible to problems with the locomotor system. This is partly due to their genetic predisposition and partly to their comparatively rapid growth.

Even though general statements in this respect should certainly be treated with caution, large and heavy dog breeds need special support in the form of additional nutrients for their joints and bones, especially during growth.

Dog snacks with Ovopet from Bellfor

Bellfor Joints & Bones Soft-Happen and biscuits contain the innovative active ingredient complex Ovopet. This is extracted from the eggshell membrane of hen's eggs and is characterised by a unique variety of valuable ingredients.

With regard to the joints of your growing dog, hyaluronic acid, collagen, glucosamine and chondroitin sulphate are particularly relevant.

Species-appropriate functional snacks for a healthy development

Of course, our Joints & Bones Soft-Happen and cookies contain only high-quality, natural ingredients. The tasty snacks are therefore not only a sensible food supplement, but also a healthy dog treat with which you can reward your four-legged friend in between meals.

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