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Dietary supplement for puppies - Welpenmilch (Puppy milk) by Bellfor Dog Food - Powder - 1 kg

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Puppy milk (Welpenmilch) from Bellfor dog food - powder - 1 kg

Supplementary feed for dogs

Puppies need high-quality food

During the growth phase, the quality of the food is particularly important. Normally this is guaranteed by mother's milk. It often happens that the bitch does not have enough milk for all puppies. This can happen if the litter is too big or the bitch simply does not produce enough milk for her puppies. Therefore, it is particularly important to use carefully selected raw materials when rearing puppies.

Only carefully selected raw materials for your puppies

Bellfor puppy milk is characterized by the use of selected ingredients. Bellfor puppy milk consists exclusively of high-quality raw materials such as whole goat milk powder, insect protein, insect fat and egg yolk. No fillers (such as cereals) are used. Due to the carefully balanced composition, Bellfor puppy milk comes very close to the natural mother's milk of a bitch.

Optimal support for the lactating bitch

Bellfor Puppy Milk Powder is also ideal for lactating or pregnant bitches. Bellfor Puppy Milk has proven to be particularly effective when the bitch is exposed to increased stress during breastfeeding. Bellfor puppy milk - experience meets innovation

Like all Bellfor products, our Bellfor puppy milk has been developed in collaboration with our veterinarian, veterinary practitioner and breeders.

The benefits of Bellfor puppy milk at a glance:

  • Easily digestible, high-quality protein
  • Only natural ingredients
  • Grain-free
  • Contains lauric acid
  • Increases resistance
  • Also suitable for lactating and pregnant bitches


Whole goat milk powder (52%), insect protein (black soldier fly larvae), ground (27%), insect fat (16.5%), egg yolk, dried & ground (3%), minerals (1.5%).

Feeding recommendation:

Our Bellfor Puppy Milk Powder should be stirred slowly into hot water to avoid lump formation.

Afterwards please let the Bellfor puppy milk cool down to drinking temperature (approx. 36 - 38°C) and feed it.

In the following table you can see the total feeding amount per day depending on the current weight of your puppy:

 Body weight in g

 Milk quantity / day in g




 16,7g milk powder + 33,3g water



 35g milk powder + 70g water



 53,3g milk powder + 106,7g water



 70g milk powder + 140g water



 88,3g milk powder + 176,7g water



 106,7g milk powder + 213,3g water



 123,3g milk powder + 246,7g water



 141,7g milk powder + 284,3g water



 160g milk powder + 320g water



 178,3g milk powder + 356,7g water

In the following table you can see the number of meals per day depending on the age of your puppy:

 Age in weeks

 Number of meals per day

















The puppies should have doubled their birth weight after approx. 7-9 days. At the end of the second week of life they reach 3-4 times their birth weight. Altogether a moderate, continuous growth is aimed at. The required energy depends among other things strongly on movement possibilities of the puppies, attitude conditions and the temperament.

Starting from the 3rd week of life, the supplementary feeding is started (Bellfor Wiesen-Schmaus Junior). At first it is offered as warm porridge. For this purpose the food is poured with the same amount of hot water and after 15-20 minutes lukewarmly given as porridge. With increasing age of the puppy the added amount of water is reduced and with 12 weeks it is offered dry.

 Crude protein
 29,7 %
 Crude fat
 36,8 %
 Crude fibre
 2,2 %
 Crude ash
 5,6 %
 3,5 %

Note: Store in a cool and dry place.


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