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Grain-free healthy soft snacks for your dog

Grain-free soft snacks for your dog - the healthy treat for at home and on the go

With Bellfor soft bites in different flavours you have opted for a healthy reward. Bellfor soft bites are 100% grain-free and contain up to 50% meat or insect protein. The ingredients originate from certified regional raw materials suppliers.

Bellfor soft bites are the ideal reward while training at a dog school or just a healthy reward at home.

The Bellfor Soft Bites are produced using the gentle cold pressing process.  The low heating during pressing ensures that very important nutrients and vitamins are retained during the production of Bellfor soft bites.

That's what soft healthy dog snacks are about

When choosing a soft snack for your dog, we recommend that you place the same demands on quality as you do when choosing your dog’s food. In our opinion, there should be no grain or animal by-products in dog snacks. 

High-quality meat and natural ingredients should be the norm for treats for dogs.

Our Soft Snacks are ideal for dog training

Rewards in the form of small treats are an important part of dog training. However, it is important that your dog can eat his snack quickly and does not chew on it for long.

Our Soft Snacks have the perfect size for this and are therefore ideal to support the learning effect with your dog. In addition, the healthy treats, which are optionally available with insect protein for allergy sufferers, fit perfectly into any snack bag.

The Bellfor quality promise

In line with our selected Bellfor quality, we select our raw material suppliers for our soft bites to meet the same quality criteria as those of our Bellfor dry dog food and offer only products from local manufacturers.

Soft snacks contain up to 50% meat of food quality, high-quality linseed oil with valuable Omega 3 fatty acids, fruit and vegetables.

For particularly sensitive dogs, our Bellfor farm bites are also available with insect protein.

The black soldier fly insect protein used by us is, for example, characterized by a complex profile of amino acids, the building blocks of proteins.

You thus not only reward your dog but provide him with wholesome, healthy food. Your dog’s health will thank you for it.

The advantages of Bellfor soft bites at a glance:

  • high meat content in food quality of up to 50%
  • insect protein with very low allergy potential
  • fruit and vegetables from the region
  • ideal size of 0.6 - 0.8 cm
  • firm texture
  • suitable for all breeds
  • very tasty and easy to digest

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