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Healthy dog food for an appropriate nutrition

A natural diet for dogs. This is what we have been striving for for years at Bellfor. Our goal is therefore to offer you a natural and healthy dog ​​food.

Why this is so important to us and what benefits this has for your dog is explained in this article below.

Healthy and natural dog food: that's what matters

To understand what a healthy and natural dog food is, it is necessary to know what a natural diet for dogs looks like.

Dogs are semi-carnivores. This means that their food must consist of a large proportion of animal fats and proteins. Since this is better for their digestion.

But in addition, your dog also needs vegetable nutrition in his food to provide him with carbohydrates, and enough micronutrients in the form of vitamins and minerals.

Starchy carbohydrates

Contrary to popular belief, the dog can digest starchy carbohydrates well. Of course, the percentage in the diet may not be too high. This can otherwise lead to diarrhea.

This means that potatoes and even grains are generally not bad or harmful unless the percentage is not too large. With regard to the cereals, it is recommended to add wheat in the feed. A cereal and gluten-free alternatives with corn or rice, preferable. Because that reduces the risk that your dog can not tolerate his food.

The benefits of natural food

A natural and healthy diet with a complete dog food. That also meets the needs of your dog, has a number of positive effects. In particular the following aspects speak in favor of feeding a high-quality, natural and healthy dog ​​food.

More vitality

A dog food that gives your dog all the necessary nutrients, provides more vitality. Your dog feels better and fitter, you will also notice this by his behavior.

Less illness

Inferior food that is often to be bought in the supermarket often contains too few nutrients. This ensures that your dog is more susceptible to illness. This can occur with a high-quality, healthy dog ​​food.

Lower risk of allergy

Food allergies are increasingly common in dogs. They originate, inter alia, by protein from grains, but also some types of meat. If your dog has a food allergy, our dog food on insect proteins could be the solution.

Healthy joints

Depending on breed and size, problems with the joints can sometimes arise less often. At least in part this is due to poor nutrition. A suitable diet can make an important contribution to prevention.

Healthy coat

A lack of nutrients can also manifest itself in the form of problems with the skin and coat. This can amount to hair loss. A healthy dog ​​food with high quality proteins can significantly reduce the risk.

Live longer

Ultimately, healthy dog ​​food will ensure that your dog remains vital and rarely ill. If his body is cared for with everything he needs, this can lead to a longer life span.

Is Bellfor dog food healthy?

Of course we pay attention to all our products that they meet our criteria of natural nutrition. In doing so, we work in close collaboration with veterinarians and nutritionists during product development.

Both our wet food and our dry food are made exclusively from natural ingredients, which are made for the most part by regional producers. The meat that is used has the quality of food. The animal by-products (offal) and wheat are not processed by us.

Our dry food is either grain-free or contains rice and corn as a good alternative.

If you want to feed your dog in a natural way, then our dog food is certainly a good choice.

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