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Premium Hundefutter ohne Getreide

Healthy dog treats made from deer in a saver set by Bellfor Dog Food

37.9 £ / 1 Kg
exkl. VAT
Shipping weight per piece: 600.00g
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1 PCs.
£22.74 ( 37.9 £ / 1 Kg )

Healthy dog treats made from deer in a saver set

There is certainly no dog who will not be enthusiastic about occasional tasty treats in between meals. Most four-legged friends are especially fond of chews.

We have therefore put together a saver set for you, consisting of selected chews made from deer, which you can order as a healthy treat for your dog at a discounted price.

What makes our deer chews so special

We attach great importance to only using high-quality and healthy ingredients for our products. Without doubt this also applies to our dog chews made from deer.

The delicious dog treats consist exclusively of gently dried parts of the deer. They do not contain any added ingredients such as sugar, artificial flavours or preservatives.

This not only makes our deer chews particularly tasty, but also ensures that these natural delicacies are extremely wholesome.

Deer chews as a healthy snack

Dogs have a strong chewing instinct by nature, which you can satisfy in a healthy way with our deer chews.

Thanks to their texture the treats are suitable for dogs of all ages and can also safely be offered to young animals or older dogs.

Apart from that, game like deer has a low allergy potential. This fact makes our deer chews a good choice even for nutrition-sensitive dogs.

But it's best to see for yourself and order the delicious dog treats as a saver set at a discounted price. We are convinced that your dog will love their new Bellfor chews.

Our saver set with deer chews at a glance:


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