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Regeneration | Food supplements from Bellfor Dog Food

Support for your dog's convalescence

Your dog's poor appetite can have many reasons – a recent illness or stress, for example. However, it is very important for your dog's recovery and general well-being that it is supplied with all the nutrients it needs.

A suitable food supplement such as Rehabo from Bellfor can help you ensure exactly that.

Bellfor food supplement to promote convalescence

With Bellfor Rehabo, we have developed a high-quality food supplement for you to reliably promote your dog's convalescence and improve its general well-being.

Bellfor Rehabo is ideal as nutritional support in stressful situations or for animals recovering from illness, as well as for old dogs that are not eating properly, just to mention a few.

Stimulate your dog's appetite, provide the four-legged friend with valuable nutrients and thus support it in convalescence and recovery in a natural way.

Our promise of quality

Of course you can be confident that Bellfor Rehabo meets the same high quality standards as all our other products.

Thanks to carefully selected ingredients and a recipe developed in collaboration with veterinarians, Bellfor Rehabo is guaranteed to be remarkably wholesome and effective.

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