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Dog food from Bellfor: regionally and sustainably produced

We live in the era of globalisation. Day in, and day out, endless streams of goods are moved all over the globe. Foodstuffs for humans and dogs are no exception. Long transportation routes are generally the norm.

In this article, we explain why we have consciously rejected this trend at Bellfor, as well as setting out the benefits that this has for your dog.

Long transportation routes pay off

Whether it involves New Zealand lamb, ducks from Canada or tomatoes from Spain, which are sent unripened on the journey to northern Europe, it has long been the case that our food (as well as food four our pets) is no longer produced by our local farmers.

In the meantime, however, this transportation has reached an almost grotesque scale: for instance, after being caught, North Sea crabs are no longer shelled locally as you would expect, but transported by truck to Morocco. They are processed there, then sent back to us once the processing is complete. Despite the long and expensive transportation this involves, it is financially worth it due to the labour cost savings.

Why Bellfor relies on regional produce

Even though this behavior may pay off financially, it damages the environment and causes product quality to suffer. For this reason, at Bellfor, we are convinced that regionally sourced ingredients are the better choice. Wherever possible, we obtain the ingredients for our dog food from local businesses.

This pays off from two different perspectives:

  1. Regional suppliers reduce environmental harm
  2. Shorter transportation routes enable better quality standards

Regional suppliers reduce environmental harm

Long transportation routes are associated with vast consumption of fossil fuels. They produce CO2 and other pollutants that harm both the environment and human health. The more regional products that are used, the shorter the transportation routes that ingredients must undergo, helping to reduce CO2 emissions and the burden on the environment.

Shorter transportation routes enable better quality standards

Quite apart from the environmental benefits, regional ingredients in dog food also enable better product quality. This means that apples and other fruit and vegetables can ripen in piece when grown by regional suppliers. This means that they contain significantly more vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and flavonoids.

Meat can also be processed when it is fresher, if it does not need to be transported from to us from the other side of the world. Thus, by using regional ingredients, it is possible to create a particularly high-quality dog food with an impressive micronutrient content.

That is good for the health of your furry friend and makes the food particularly easy to digest. 

Our packaging is also sustainable

For us, sustainability does not stop with the ingredients of our feed. Even with our packaging, we consider that it is important to avoid harming the environment unnecessarily.

Unlike many other manufacturers, we do not use plastic bags. Similarly, we avoid using aluminium, which consumes vast amounts of energy in its production.

Instead, we make use of special fabric bags. These meet all hygiene standards and provide optimal protection for your dog food against external influences, while remaining particularly tear-resistant and can simply be recycled once the food has been used up.. 


As you will see, regional ingredients in your dog food offer a range of benefits. They help to achieve sustainability and reduce the harm to the environment, while simultaneously ensuring the best possible food quality. This means that you can be confident that your dog will digest its food properly and will receive all the most important nutrients.

Try it for yourself and let yourself be convinced by our sustainable dog food. Whether you choose wet food, dry food, snacks or special, natural nutritional supplements for dogs, we are certain that our products will impress both you and your furry friend.

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