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Border Collie

The Border Collie is one of the big dog breeds. As a classic herding dog it is led by the FCI in group 1. The Border Collie is intelligent and willing to learn and needs sufficient mental and physical activity.

Features of the Border Collie

The body structure of the Border Collies is harmonious. It is always longer than high. Depending on the activity, Border Collies can be very muscular. They are fast, agile and enduring. Their head is wide and has a pronounced stop. In its moderately short muzzle, the Border Collie carries a powerful scissor bite.

Recognized fur-variations of the Border Collies:

  • Stickhaar
  • Moderately long coat

The breed standard of the Border Collie allows many different colour combinations. White should never be the main colour. The life expectancy of the Border Collie is between 13 and 16 years.

Border Collie nature and character

In general, Border Collies are very friendly and cuddly animals, which can also be called fond of children. The Border Collie is not aggressive. However, it has a pronounced protective instinct and therefore always wants to take care of mistress and master. This circumstance makes it particularly important for the Border Collie to pay attention to a clear hierarchy.

Even though Border Collies are certainly not aggressive by nature, a lack of attention and activity can lead to nervousness and aggression. Dog owners should therefore be careful with this sensitive and intelligent breed both to a consistent education and to sufficient employment.

Activities with the Border Collie

The Border Collie needs activities that challenge it both physically and mentally. Thanks to its good stamina, it is ideal as a companion when cycling or jogging.

As Border Collies prefer varied and challenging activities and have a strong urge to move, they are suitable for many different dog sports.

Suitable dog sports for the Border Collie include, for example:

  • agility
  • obedience
  • propellant
  • dog dancing
  • dog frisbee

Border Collie Diseases

As with all Collies, there is also an increased risk for the MDR1 defect in the Border Collie. This gene defect makes the animals hypersensitive to various drugs.

Border collies are also prone to Collie Eye Anomaly, a congenital eye disease, and Canine Ceroid Lipofuscinosis, a fatal metabolic disease.

Border Collies Food

For health and vitality, it is also important in the case of Border Collie to ensure that the feed is tailored to requirements and that sufficient nutrients are supplied. Factors such as weight, age and activities as well as diseases and allergies play a role.

We recommend the natural premium dog food from Bellfor for an appropriate diet. The Bellfor nutrition concept supports the development and well-being of your Border Collies from an early age.

Now put together the food for your Border Collie!

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